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Biblio Staff

Brendan J Sherar

CEO / Quixotist

Biblio's founder, Brendan has a background in executive management, technical management, programming and database development in the publishing, high tech, and library industries. He is also a former "brick and mortar" and online bookseller, and has been in the book business for 20 years.

Originally from Wyoming, Brendan is naturalized to Western North Carolina, having lived in the area for the better part of the past 30 years. He enjoys reading history and modern literature, with favorite authors including Italo Calvino, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Cormac McCarthy, Philip Roth, and Don Delillo. In his spare time, he might be found running along the roadside or taking a beating on the soccer field.

Allen Singleton

COO / Minister of Finance

Allen is an ex-academic with abiding interests in the world of books, computers and Daoism. He has a PhD in comparative philosophy of religions from the University of Chicago. He left academics fifteen years ago and decided to pursue a career in IT. He has extensive experience both as an IT administrator and as a manager. At Biblio, he has found the ideal opportunity to marry his interests and help nurture a dynamic and rapidly growing business.

Allen and his wife, Cassie, have three wonderful daughters. Allen enjoys playing guitar and likes to keep his hand in his field of study by reading odd bits of Daoist texts. Favorite books and authors: Don Quixote, Neal Stephenson, and Chuang Tzu (Zhuang Zi).

Amber Shehan

Marketing Coordinator / Book Pixie

Amber Shehan comes to Biblio with a long work history of customer service and a lifelong love of books.

Amber enjoys delving into languages, folklore and cultural studies - in particular, the history and mythology of ancient Ireland. Wallowing in poetry has always been one of her great passions (Neruda, Rumi, Whitman) and her favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Alice Walker, and Barbara Kingsolver.

Frieda Carson

Bookseller Support Representative

Ashleigh Redmond

Customer Service Representative

Michael Tracey

CTO / Recondite Gumshoe

Michael grew up fascinated by science fiction, and so it was no wonder he found himself drawn to technology as a means to shape the future. His first baby was a Commodore 64, and from there he just kept riding Moore's law forward. He has worked in many different capacities in the tech world, from software programming to Systems Admin, and is rarely happier than when exploring some new gadget or system.

When not programming, Michael enjoys photography, RPGs, and hanging out with his family. He still loves science fiction, with current recommended authors including Neal Stephenson, John Scalzi, and Kim Stanley Robinson.

About Biblio

"I was impressed with your story, your triple bottom line, and while you state you can't wait to see where it ends, I hope it never ends. We need so many more like you."

-- Rebecca, Costa Mesa CA