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Dark Exits: Six Short Stories and a Novella
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Dark Exits: Six Short Stories and a Novella

By Harris, D. R.

167 pp. First Edition Trade Paperback. Table of Contents: "Steps," The Red Suitcase," "Reckonings," "How Was Your Afternoon, Dear?" "The Violinist," "Showtime," and Rash: A Novella. Cover art is by the author. Front cover: "Flattened Man," back cover "Cosmic Dust," Both 2018. Excerpt from "Showtime": A man in a black wool overcoat stood at an ATM in the lobby of a bank on Broadway. A black and white Shetland collie sat at his right foot. It was after 1 a.m. The man withdrew $100, put the money in a trifold wallet, and returned the wallet to the inside breast pocket of his tuxedo. The man snapped his thumb and middle finger. The dog, ever alert to his master's movements, walked out of the bank lobby, his head even with the man's right knee. Man and dog walked two blocks down Broadway to a produce market. "No dog in store." The Man Ignored the clerk. "Every night the same. Next time, no dog in store." The man turned and left the store, the dog heeled next to his right knee. The man and dog continued down Broadway. Near the corner of 79th Street, the man stopped. In the window of a women s boutique, stood five naked, bald mannequins. A lithe, athletic woman, early thirties, was dressing the mannequins.