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Religious/Temperance From The Personal Navigator


Youth's Temperance Banner, The, New York, February, 1874

New York, NY: National Temperance Society and Publication House, 1874. 25 x 35 cm. Caught and Fettered by Mrs. J.P. Ballard. Cold-Water Remedy-- discusses book recently published by National Temperance Society, and conceited young man who drank wine. His brother drenched him with cold water. ""Give us a glass of your best liquor,"" says the drunkard. Ex-bartender offers him cold water, as ""The best liquor ... God's beautiful sparkling water was the drink of Eden."" Paper periodical, lightly soiled, good. . Catalogs: Religious/Temperance.


Friends' Intelligencer United with The Friends' Journal, Philadelphia, First Month 23, 1886

Philadelphia, PA: Friends' Intelligencer Association, 1886. 18 x 26 cm. The Acts of the Apostles; The Eldership in the Society of Friends; The Present Needs of the Temperance Reform discussed plight of blacks whose population is growing rapidly. ""While in slavery the negroes were under absolute prohibition, and being emancipated while in total ignorance of the injurious effects of drinking... they were exposed to the temptations of the dram shop."" ""They would become a dangerous class."" ""One of the greatest obstacles has been the Republican party, leaders have pandered to the negroes' every vice, in order to keep their vote 'solid', suggested that any restriction of the liquor traffic is an infringement upon the rights of free men."" Paper periodical, front page loose, poor. . Catalogs: Religious/Temperance.


Daily Union Signal, the, New York, NY, Friday, October 19th, 1888, Vol. 3, No. 1

New York, NY: Women's Christian Temperance Union, 1888. 38 x 56 cm. WCTU Brigade Reviews. New York City: What to see and how to see. Address by Frances E. Willard, President, before the National WCTU Convention. (takes up most of this issue.) Paper periodical, good. . Catalogs: Religious/Temperance.


Our Message, Official Organ of the Massachusetts Women's Christian Temperance Union, Boston, January, 1887, Vol. V. No. 1

Boston, MA: Massachusetts WCTU, 1887. 28 x 40 cm. All about the MA WCTU. Sunday School and Juvenile departments. Work for railroad Employes. Fair held in Horticultural hall netted about $2200. Temperance. Paper periodical, edges chipped, good. . Catalogs: Religious/Temperance.