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Guilds of the City of London, The; Britain in Pictures; the British People in Pictures, with 8 plates in colour, 19 illustrations in black and white; revised edition

By Pooley, Sir Ernest, K.C.V.O

London, England: Collins, 14 St. James's Place, 1947. 16 x 23 cm. Early history of guilds; growth of trade-guilds; colour illus. Of funeral pall, 1662; colour illustration, Plantation of Ulster; Virginia plantation; colour illus. Lord Nelson's funeral procession. Paper on board, very good, dust jacket plastic covered, very good. . Catalogs: History/England.


Houses of Parliament package: A short guide to the Palace of Westminster, a pass to the Dominions' Gallery (front row), and 12 pages of oral questions for the House of Commons, January 23, 1945

By Fell, Sir Bryan H., K.C.M.G., C.B

London, England: The Lord Great Chamberlain and the Speaker of the House of Commons, 1945. 12 x 18 cm. Booklet is guide to the Houses of Parliament, with excellent photos, including several showing bomb damage from Nazi attack on London. Pass issued to Sgt. Woolf for 1-23-45. Twelve pages of questions for Commons for 1-23-45, give good idea of a typical day in the Commons in World War II. Booklet with name ""Henry Bosley Woolf, London, 23 Jan 1945"" written on cover, very good. Card and questions also very good. . Catalogs: History/England.


London Coronation Guides & Maps

London, England: A.P.S.O., Ltd. , 1953. 12 x 18 cm. Loaded with information for coronation; color photo of Queen Elizabeth, photos of crowns, several maps of London, Underground, bus routes, theatres; lists for shopping, restaurants; royal line; photos of Royal family. Paper booklet, three lines of notes on back cover, very good. . Catalogs: History/England.