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Mary Norton's Autograph Book, Maynard, Mass., 1879

By Norton, Mary A

Maynard, MA: ephemera, 1879. 17 x 10 cm. Mary started this autograph book in 1879. It contains sentimental inscriptions from friends and relatives, mostly from Maynard, MA and Halifax, Nova Scotia. ""Remember me till death shall close these eyelids…"" from Katie Snee, Maynard. Includes small embroidery of a Bible with a cross, with flowers on it. Leather autograph book, spine leather torn off, some damp stain on first few pages, fair. . Catalogs: American Originals.


Upstate New York Journal by Bill and Cora

Near Easton, NY: ephemera, 1949. 13 x 20 cm. Daily entries for year 1949, first by Bill, noting carpentry work, planting peas, onions, strawberries, buying a truck, around Glens Falls, Cambridge, Easton, NY, then rest of the year by wife, Cora, noting all the canning, cooking, preserving. Attending weddings, funerals. Noting when neighbors died. Summer trips to Lake George, Bennington, VT. Killing chickens. Baking mince pies for Thanksgiving. ""We all went over to James to Xmas dinner at night. Turkey and all the trimmings."" Simple life of rural Americans right after end of World War II. Leatherette book with ring binding, two days per page, completely filled out. Very good. . Catalogs: American Originals.


"For Home and Country"" patriotic post card, shows cavalry marching with American flag banners

Potter, KS: ephemera, 1922. 14 x 9 cm. Postcard from Mama in Potter, Kansas to ""Birdie"" in Argentine, Kansas. ""I've tried so hard to get your eggs… I'll be there Wensday… am bringing a suitbox of apples, so meet me at train if you can."" Postcard, small closed tear in top edge, good. . Catalogs: American Originals.


"Today and Yesterday"" patriotic post card shows Civil War veteran and modern (1913) soldier, with American flags and banners

Petersburg, PA: ephemera, 1913. 14 x 9 cm. Postcard from Annie in Petersburg, PA to her brother in Davenport, IA, remarks how Decoration Day is here again: ""How time flies."" Complains about rheumatism all through her body. Postcard, slight wear at corners, very good. . Catalogs: American Originals.