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Advertising/ephemera From The Personal Navigator


Ruberoid Pete Advertising booklet

New York, NY: Standard Paint Company, 1908. 14 x 10 cm. Using down-to-earth talk and pictures, booklet shows you why you should choose Ruberoid over tin, iron galvanized, tar or shingle roofs. Paper booklet, pages starting to come loose. . Catalogs: Advertising/Ephemera.


Pierce's Memorandum and Account Book

Buffalo, NY: World's Dispensary Printing Office and Bindery, 1905. 8 x 14 cm. How to cure biliousness, sick and bilious headache, dizziness, costiveness, coated tongue, constipation of the bowels. Sour stomach and windy belchings. Paper booklet, includes personal records of 1904-6. . Catalogs: Advertising/Ephemera.


Smith's New Improved Patent Force Sprinkler, manufactured by Fernando B. Smith

Canton, OH: Fernando B. Smith, Sole Mfr. And Patentee, ca. 1890. 8 x 15 cm. Advertising card shows boy pumping water to roof of house, two girls watering flowers and washing windows. Advertising card, picture on front, text on back. Picture slightly waterstained. . Catalogs: Advertising/Ephemera.


Lowe Brothers Newspaper Advertising for 1914

Dayton, OH: Lowe Brothers Paints, 1914. 22 x 29 cm. Booklet contains suggested ad campaigns for Lowe Bros. Paints, Dayton, OH. Paper pamphlet, 42 pp. of Cardboard pamphlet with tape spine, tape coming loose on front cover. Very good. . Catalogs: Advertising/Ephemera.


Lady from Evening Journal--Advertising Card

Jersey City, NJ: ephemera, ca. 1890. 11 x 17 cm. Color picture of attractive woman with large hat; on reverse is ad for the Jersey City Evening Journal with list of fire signal stations. Card is clipped at one corner and reverse shows signs of having been pasted in an album. Fair. . Catalogs: Advertising/Ephemera.


Radio City Music Hall Program, Thurs. Sept. 4, 1952

New York, NY: Radio City Music Hall, 1952. 15 x 23 cm. Features cover picture of Rockettes in line. Program accompanies film ""Ivanhoe"" starring robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Fontaine. Paper leaflet. Good. . Catalogs: Advertising/Ephemera.


Hoyt's German Cologne, Fragrant & Lasting Advertising Card

Lowell, MA: E.W. Hoyt & Co, ©1887. 8 x 12 cm. Advertising card shows boy, seated with parasol over him, painting on a fence, with girl looking at him through fence. ""This card perfumed with…"" [only a slight vanilla scent is noticeable.] Card has been pasted on a larger card, does not affect image. Good. . Catalogs: Advertising/Ephemera.


Hoyt's German Cologne Advertising Card--perfumed calendar

Lowell, MA: E.W. Hoyt & Co, 1889. 9 x 14 cm. Advertising card for Hoyt's German Cologne shows ""sweet-faced Miss, who so smilingly calls your attention to the various months."" This was a perfumed card. Advertising card, stained on back, 2 cm chip on bottom right hand corner. Fair. . Catalogs: Advertising/ephemera.