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Science & Mathematics From Pat Wisney


Revision of Strtatigraphy of Part of Cretaceous in Tyler Basin, Northeast Texas

By Bailey, Evans and Adkins

The Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 1945. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. 16pp - Illustrated with map and fold-out cross section - Reprinted for private circulation from "The Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists" - Very good condition.


Geophysical Data on the North Carolina Coastal Plain

By Skeels, D.C.

Geophysics, 1950. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. 16pp + 4 folding maps - Reprinted for private circulation from "Geophysics" - Note included explaining this paper - Very good condition.


The Age and Correlation of the Chalk at White Cliffs, Arkansas, with Notes on the Subsurfac Correlations of Northeast Texas

By Ellisor, Alva Christine

Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 1925. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. Signed by Author(s). First Edition. 12pp - Map - Very good condition.


Settlement Studies of the San Jacinto Monument

By Dawson, Raymond

Austin, Texas: The University of Texas, 1947. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. unpaged - Illustrated - Very good condition.


Biostratigraphic Relations of Some North Texas Trinity and Fredericksburg (comanchean) Foraminifera

By Lozo, Frank, Jr

Notre Dame, in: The Univeristy Press, 1944. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. Signed by Author(s). 69pp - Illustrated - Reprinted from "The American Midland Naturalist" - Very Good condition.


The Silt Load of Texas Streams

By Faris, Orville

Washington, D.C.: United States Dept. Of Agriculture, 1933. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. First Edition. 71pp - illustrated - Very good condition.


Some Upper Cretaceous Shells of the Rudistid Group from Tamaulipas, Mexico

By Stephenson and Monroe

Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1922. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. 13pp + 15 plates - From the proceedings of the United States National Museum, Vol. 61 - Very good condition.


The Poison Glands of Noturus and Schilbeodes

By Reed, Hugh Daniel

Boston: Ginn & Company, 1907. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. 13pp - Illustrated - Reprinted from "The American naturalist, Vol. XLI, No. 489 - Very good condition.


The Black Widow: It's Life History and the Effects of the Poison

By Baerg, W.J.

The Scientific Monthly, 1923. Book. Good. Soft cover. 12pp - Illustrated - Good condition in soft cover.


Yazoo County Mineral Resources

By Mellen and McCutcheon

University Mississippi - 1940, 1940. Book. Good. Soft cover. 122pp - Illustrated - Folding maps - Mississippi State Geological Survey - Bulletin 39 - Good condition.


Aeolian Features of Southern California: A Comparative Planetary Geology Guidebook

By Greeley, Ronald, Editor

U.S Government Printing Office - Washington, D.C. - 1978, 1978. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. 264pp - Illustrated with photographs - This guidebook and the conference are part of a continuing program sponsored by the Office of Planetary Geology, NASA, Washington, D.C., to show the differences and similarities among the terrestrial planets.Very Good in wraps..


Revision of the Upper Cambrian Faunas of New Jersey

By Howell, B.f.

1945 - Waverly Press - Baltimore, Md, 1945. Book. Very Good. Hard Bound. 46pp - Index - Illustrated with 8 plates - Geological Society of America - Memoir 12 - Two Dresbachian and two Trempealeauian faunas occur in the Kittatinny beds of northern New Jersey. These and thre e new genera of trilobites are described. Most of the species are new. Good condition..


Mineralogical and Structural Evolution of the Metamorphic Rocks

By Turner, Francis J.

1948. Book. Good. Hard Bound. 1948 - The Geological society of America - Memoir 30 - 342pp - Index - Illustrated - Metamorphic rock - Geology - Science - Natural history - Hardbound in very good condition.


Eocene Radiolarian Faunas from the Mt. Diablo Area, California

By Clark and Campbell

Baltimore: Geological Society of America, 1942. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. 1942 - Geological Society of America - 112pp - index - 9 plates - Special Papers - Number 39 - Very Good condition in wraps.


Lower Claiborne of East Texas, with special reference to Mount Sylvan Dome and Salt Movements

By Wendlandt and Knebel

1929. Book. Good. Soft cover. Signed by Author(s). 1929 - Amer. Assoc. of Petroleum Geologists - Illustrated - Geology - Texas - Americana - Science - Inscribed, good in wraps.


Intertonguing Marine and Nonmarine Upper Cretaceous Deposits of New Mexico, Arizona and Southwestern Colorado

By Pike, William S., Jr.

1947 - Waverly Press - Baltimore, Md., 1947. Book. Very Good. Hard Bound. 103pp - Index - Folding map and diagrams in rear pocket - Folding table - Illustrated with plates and figures - Memoir 24 - Large-scale intertonguing between marine Mancos and nonmarine Mesaverde stra ta in New Mexico, Arizona, and southwestern Colorado - a region situated on the southwestern margin of the Upper Cretaceous epicontinental sea - was brought about by oscillations of the ancient shore line. Good condition..


The Geology of Dallas County

By Shuler, Ellis

1918 - University of Texas - Austin, Tx, 1918. Book. Good. Soft cover. 48pp - Index - Folding plates - Illustrated with Photographs and maps - University of Texas bulletin - NO. 1818 - This bulletin is written primarily for the benefit of the citizens of Dallas County. T o the casual observer the geologic interest of the county is somewhat commonplace and the economic resources few; but have a large place in the commercial world of Central Texas. Back cover not attached o/w good condition.


Terebratuloid Brachiopoda of the Silurian and Devonian

By Cloud, Preston E. ,Jr

Baltimore: Geological Society of America, 1942. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. 182pp - Index - Illustrated - Special Papers number 38 - Very good in wraps.