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Straight on Till Morning

By Lovell,Mary,S

N.Y.: St Martin Press, 1987. Paperback.. First Print Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine. 6" X 9". Lovell,Markham,biography,paperback,pilot. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Holly Wood Director

By Chierichetti, David

N.Y.: Curtis Books, 1973. Paper Back. Near Fine First Thus. Curtis Film Series--#02014--Foreword by Dorothy Lamour--An in depth study of Mitchell Leisen.. BIOGRAPHY PAPER BACK. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Elia Kazan : A Life

By Kazan,Elia

N.Y.: Anchor, 1989. Paperback. First Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine. 6" X 9". Kazan,autobiography,memoir,paperback. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Groucho and Me

By Marx,Groucho

N.Y.: Manor Books, 1973. Paperback. Date stamp on head. Groucho is off and running.. Later Print. Trade Paperback. Near Fine. Groucho,Marx,autobiography,paperback. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Lenny Bruces Autobiography

By Bruce,Lenny

Chicago,Illinois: Playboy Press, 1972. Paperback.. Later Print. Trade Paperback. Very Good +. Lenny,Bruce,comedian,autobiography,paperback. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Jimi Hendrix : The Lost Writings

By Nitopi,Bill

N.Y.: Harper Perennial, 1994. Paperback. Rok on........ First Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine. 6" X 9". Nitopi,biography,paperback,Hendrix. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Bruce Springsteen

By Meyer,Marianne

N.Y.: Ballantine Books, 1984. Paperback. The "Boss"--> Rock on........ First Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine. Meyer,paperback,biography,Springsteen,singer,Rock Singer,The Boss. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.



By Hyams,Joe

N.Y.: Signet, 1967. Paperback.. First Print Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine. 6.75" X 4". Hyams,Bogart,paperback,biography,actor,Humphrey Bogart. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Maria Callas

By Stassinopoulos,Arianna

N.Y.: Ballantine Books, 1982. Paperback.. First Print Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine. 6.75" X 4". Stassinopoulos,Callas,Maria Callas,Opera Singer,biography,paperback,Onassis. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


D. H. Lawrence : The Story of a Marriage

By Maddox,Brenda

N Y: Simon & Schuster, 1994. Brenda Maddox gives us a new,vibrantly alive Lawrence with the focus on the turbulent yet nurturing marriage.. Trade Paperback. As New. 6" X 9". D. H. Lawrence,biography,Maddox,writer,author. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.



By Gabler,Neal

N.Y.: Vintage, 1994. Paperback.. First Print Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine. 7.75" X 5". Gabler,paperback,biography,Winchell,Walter Winchell,Radio Broadcaster. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Skouras : King of Fox Studios

By Curti,Carlo

Los Angeles,Ca.: Holloway House, 1967. Paperback. First Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine. Curti,paperback,biography,Skouras,Hollywood,Fox Studio. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Albert Camus : A Biography

By Lottman,Herbert,R

N.Y.: George Braziller, 1981. Paperback. Appears unread,little ding at foot or would be fine.. First Thus. Soft Cover. Very Good +. 7.5 X 4.75". Lottman,paperback,Camus,biography,author. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


A Texan Looks at Lyndon : A Study in Illegitimate Power

By Haley,Evetts,J

Canyon,texas: Palo Duro Press, 1964. Paperback. First Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine. Haley,paperback,biography,Johnson,Lyndon. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Not for Love

By McManus,Virginia

N.Y.: Dell, 1961. Paperback. A shocker in its time. Wonder what happened to Virginia ?. First Thus. Trade Paperback. Near Fine. McManus,autobiography,paperback,call Girl. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Margaret Mitchell of Atlanta

By Farr,Finis

N.Y.: Avon, 1974. Paperback.... First Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine. 4"X7". Farr,paperback,biography,Margaret Mitchell,author,writer. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Hoffa : The Real Story

By Hoffa,James,R

N.Y.: Stein and Day, 1975. Paperback. First Thus. Soft Cover. Very Good +. Hoffa,Teamsters,autobiography,truckers,paperback. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


The Jim Thorpe Story

By Schoor,Gene

N.Y.: Washington Square Press, 1969. paperback. Fourth Print. Soft Cover. Very Good +. Schoor,Thorpe,paperback,biography. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


Have Tux Will Travel : Bob Hope's Own Story

By Hope,Bob

N.Y.: Pocket Books, 1956. Paperback. First Thus. Soft Cover. Very Good +. Hope,paperback,autobiography,comedian. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


The Big Love

By Aadland, Florence

N.Y.: Lancer Books Inc. 1961. Paper Back. Near Fine First Edition. One of the rarest of the rare in any condition, let alone this great copy. A Lancer original, never before published. #607--Orig price 50cents.Tiny corner 1/4inch of back cover damaged. After the opening line, I dont think Mom can be completely objective about this affair. Errol may have been in over his head with these two babes, after all, it did kill him ! Dont rock the boat (Yacht) actually?. BIOGRAPHY, PAPER BACK,Aadland. Catalogs: Biography Paperback.


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