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Order Upon The Land: The U.s. Rectangular Land Survey And The Upper Mississippi Country

By Johnson, Hildegard Binder

Oxford. Very Good. 1976. Hardcover. 019501913X . 268 pages .


Principles Of Surveying

By Herubin, Charles A.

Reston Publishing Company. Very Good in Very Good- dust jacket. 1974. Hardcover. 0879096187 . Some dust jacket wear. ; 288 pages .


A Text-Book of Plane Surveying,

By Raymond, William G

American Book Company. Good. 1896. Hardcover. 1/4 leather. Cover wear. ; 495 pages .


Gurley's Manual, American Engineers and Surveyors Instruments 1910 (American Engineers and Surveyors Instruments)

By Gurley, W. & L. E. Gurley

W. & L. E. Gurley. Fair. 1910. Hardcover. Stiff card covers covered with cloth. Cover wear and stains. Damage to cover (missing cloth an inch by 2 inches). ; 470 pages .


Platting and County Survey Records in Minnesota

By Fant, Jesse E. Maner, William A.

Univ. Minnesota. Very Good. 1970. Paperback. 41 pages .


Platting in Minnesota

By Fant, Jesse E. Maner, William A.

Univ. Minnesota. Very Good. 1971. Revised Edition. Paperback. 23 pages .


Report on Surveys of Delaware-Maryland Boundaries: in Cooperation with the States of Delaware and Maryland

By Meade, Buford K.

National Geodetic Information Center. Very Good. 1982. Paperback. 314 pages .


Surveying Manual

By Ripa, Louis C.

Mcgraw Hill. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket. 1964. Hardcover. 131 pages .


Plane And Geodetic Surveying For Engineers Volume Two Higher Surveying

By Clark, David H. Clendinning, James

Constable. Good. 1968. Fifth Edition. Hardcover. Cover wear, stain. ; 685 pages .


Aspects Of Modern Land Surveying: Optical Distance Measurement

By Smith, J. R

Crosby Lockwood. Very Good. 1970. Paperback. 0258968079 . Spiral binding; 124 pages .


Technical Papers Of The American Congress Of Surveying And Mapping 1981 Asp-acsm Convention Washington D.c. February 22-february 27

By Various

American Congress On Surveying and Mapping. Very Good. 1981. Paperback. Note: 1981 Congress. ; 571 pages .



Proceedings Of Conferences On Land Surveying (1960 And 1961)

By Curtis, Ken S.

Purdue University. Very Good. 1961. Paperback. 111 pages .



Bibliography Of Property Surveying Literature

By Eldridge, Winfield H.

American Congress On Surveying and Mapping. Very Good-. 1963. Paperback. A few markings. ; 142 pages .


Surveying An Introduction To Engineering Measurements

By Legault, Adrian R.

Prentice Hall. Very Good in Good dust jacket. 1956. Hardcover. Dust jacket wear. ; 430 pages .


Thrust And Counterthrust: The Genesis Of The Canada-united States Boundary

By Classen, H. George

Rand Mcnally. Very Good. 1965. Hardcover. Exlibrary, usual markings. ; 386 pages .