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Rhetoric and on Poetics

By Aristotle; Roberts, W. Rhys; Bywater, Ingram

Franklin Library. Very Good. 1981. Hardcover. 244 pages .


Selected Dialogues

By Plato; Jowett, Benjamin

Franklin Library. Near Fine. 1983. Hardcover. 379 pages .


Selected Lives from the Parallel Lives of the Nobel Grecians and Romans

By Plutarch; Dryden

Franklin Library. Near Fine. 1982. Hardcover. The Dryden Translation. With Illustrations Specially Prepared for an English Edition of 1676; 462 pages .


Aesop's Fable

By Aesop; James, Thomas; Townsend, George Tyler, Grandville

Franklin Library. Near Fine. 1982. Hardcover. 192 pages .


The Annals of Tactitus

By Tacitus; Church, Alfred John, Brodribb, William Jackson; Piranesi, Giovanni Battista

Franklin Library. Near Fine. 1982. Hardcover. 374 pages .


Great Books Of The Western World. Volume 12. Lucretius: On The Nature Of Things. The Discourses Of Epictetus. The Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius

By Lucretius. Epictetus Marcus Aurelius

Encyclopaedia Britannica. Very Good. 1952. Hardcover. Imitation tan leather binding. ; 310 pages .


The Influence of Seneca on Elizabethan Tragedy, an Essay

By Cunliffe, John William

Archon Books. Good. 1965. Hardcover. 1113775971 . Exlibrary, usual markings. Front free endpaper removed. Same as later reprint. A few ink markings. ; 155 pages .


A Study of the Illiad in Translation.

By Clark, Frank Lowry.

The University of Chicago Press,. Good. 1927. Hardcover. Unreadable spine label. Some cover wear. ; 354 pages .


M. Porci Catonis de Agri Cultura ad Fidem Florentini Codicis Deperditi.

By Catonis , M. Porci; Mazzarino, Antonio

Aedibus B. G. Teubneri. Fair. 1962. Hardcover. Ink and pencil markings. Yellowed endpapers. Cover stains and wear. CI, 134 pages. .


T. Macci Plauti Menaechmi

By Plautus [T. MacCi Plauti]; Moseley, Nicholas & Hammond, Mason

Harvard University Press. Fair. 1968. Hardcover. Numerous pencil and ink markings. Eight printing with corrections. ; 131 pages .


Apvlei Apologia Sive Pro Se De Magia Liber

By Butler, H. E.; Owen, A. S. [Introduction and Commentary]

Georg Olms Hildesheim. Very Good. 1967. Hardcover.


Lucreti: De Rerum Natura, Libri Sex. Editio Altera (Scriptum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis)

By Bailey, Cyril

Oxford. Good. 1967. Second Edition. Hardcover. Some ink markings. .


Aeschyli: Septem Quae Supersunt Tragoediae (Scriptorum Classicorum Biblioteca Oxoniensis)

By Murray, Gilbert

Oxford University Press. Good. 1966. Second Edition. Hardcover. Ink markings. ; 375 pages .


Novum Testamentum Graece Textui a Retractatoribus Anglis Adhibito Brevem Adnotationem Criticam Subiecit

By Souter, Alexander

Oxford Clarendon Press. Good. 1966. Hardcover. Some ink and pencil markings .


T. Macci Plavti: Captivi

By Plautus; Lindsay, W.M. (Ed.); Plavti, T. Macci

Clarendon Press. Very Good. 1966. Hardcover. 120 pages .


The Greek Dark Ages
stock photo

The Greek Dark Ages

By Desborough, V.R.D'A.

St. Martin's Press. Good+ in Very Good- dust jacket. 1972. Hardcover. 0510032613 . Exlibrary, usual markings. Front free endpaper removed. Sunned dust jacket. ; 388 pages .


Roman Culture, Weapons and Man

By Wills, Garry

George Braziller. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket. 1966. Hardcover. Exlibrary, usual markings. ; 379 pages .


The Odes and Epodes of Horace

By Horace; Clancy, Joseph P.

University of Chicago Press. Very Good in Very Good- dust jacket. 1960. Hardcover. Exlibrary, usual markings. Some dust jacket wear. ; 257 pages .


An Aethiopian History Written in Greek by Heliodorus

By Heliodorus, of Emesa; Thomas Underdowne

AMS. Very Good. 1967. Hardcover. Exlibrary, usual markings. ; 290 pages .


Popular Ethics in Ancient Greece

By Pearson, Lionel

Stanford. Very Good. 1962. Hardcover. 0804701024 . Exlibrary, usual markings. ; 272 pages .


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