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The Fireside Book of Death

By Wilkins, Robert

Robert Hale 1st 1990 . 8vo, min crsing to edges of d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 645 gms.


Born to Rebel - birth order, family dynamics and creative lives

By Sulloway, Frank J

Little, Brown & Co. 1st 1996 . 8vo 653pp M/VG++ 1245 gms.


Male Order - Unwrapping Masculinity

By Chapman, Rowena & Rutherford, Jonathan

Lawrence & Wishart 1st 1988 . 8vo pb 331pp, v min bmps + wr to edges of cvrs o/w VG++ 460 gms.


The Collapse of Work

By Jenkins, Clive & Sherman, Barrie

Eyre Methuen 1st 1979 . 4to pb 182pp F 260 gms.


Fathers and Daughters

By Sharpe, Sue

Routledge 1st 1994 . 8vo pb 184pp, v v min wr to cvrs o/w VG++ 275 gms.


Militarism Versus Feminism - writings on women and war

By Florence, Mary Sargent; Marshall, Catherine & Ogden, CK

Virago 1st thus 1987 . 8vo pb 178pp, min crsing + wr, inscr to inside fr cvr o/w VG+ 160 gms.


Person to Person - ways of communicating

By Argyle, Michael & Trower, Peter

Harper Row 1st 1979 . sm 4to pb 128pp, v v min wr to edges of cvrs o/w VG++ 310 gms.


The Addict in the Street

By Larner, Jeremy & Tefferteller, Ralph

Penguin 1st thus 1966 . pb 251pp, min wr to cvrs o/w VG+ 200 gms.


Living Dangerously - Young Offenders in their Own Words

By Graef, Roger

Harper Collins 1st '92 . VG++/VG++ 626 gms.


growing Up With Unemployment - a longitudinal study of its psychological impact

By Winefield, Anthony H; Tiggemann, Marika, Winefield, Helen R & Goldney, Robert D

Routledge 1st 1993 . 4to pb 200pp, sm name to fep o/w VG++ 280 gms.


An Ageing Population

By Carver, Vida & Liddiard, Penny (eds)

Hodder & Stoughton 4th imp 1983 . 4to pb 434pp, v v min wr to edges of cvrs, name to fep o/w VG++ 550 gms.


The Workless State

By Showler, Brian & Sinfield, Adrian F'word by Peter Townsend

Martin Robertson 1981 . 4to pb 267pp, min crsing to cvrs o/w VG+ 375 gms.


The Ways Out - Utopian Communal Groups in an Age of Babylon

By Hall, John R

Routledge and Kegan Paul 1st 1978 . 8vo F/VG++ 465 gms.