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Who's Cooking? The Irish Personality Cookbook.

By McKenna, Carol.

Dublin, Ireland: Genprint Limited Cookbook+ condition. Catagories separation page is illustrated. All clean inside and out. 160 pages . First Edition. SPIRAL BOUNf. Good/Illustrated Front Cover. Illus. by Patricia Jorgensen.


Eat, Drink and be Chinaberry.

By Chinaberry Book Service

Spring Valley, CA: Chinaberry Book Service cookbook is in a medium-sized three ring binder. Each section is indexed and that separator is illustrated. Front and back covers are illustrated, off-white covers. Interior is clean and easy to read throughout.. First. Cloth Covered Cardboard. Very Good/Very Good. Illus. by Very.


SACLANT Secrets.

By NATO Cookbook.

Waseca, MN: Walter's Publishing Company. This cookbook is separated into countries, i.e., belgium, canada, denmark, france, germany, italy, the netherlands, norway, portugal, united kingdom, united states, with conversion table and index. Covers show some wear, but overall good+This was put together by the NATO Officer's Wives Club.. First. SPIRAL BOUND. Good, Clean/Cardboard Covers Some Wear.


Cooks Ahoy!!

By Stanwood-Camano Yacht Club

Olathe, Kansas: Cookbook Publishers Inc. Front cover illustrated with sailing ship. Compiled by Stanwood-Camano Yacht Club First Mates. Camano Island, Washington. Illustrated categories pages. Overall clean and good+ 74 paes with viii pages of calorie counter pages.. First. SPIRAL BOUND. Good/Some Wearr But good+. Illus. by Color Photos.


The Ultimate Dracula

By Preiss, Byron (edited by)

New York: Dell Publishing New stories by some of the world's leading authors: Anne Rice,Dan Simmons, Philip Jose Farmer, Janet Asimov, Ron Dee, etc. 275 pages with Filmography of Dracula. Chapter headings are illustrated with black and white sketches. Dust jacket has a tear on the back, otherwise goood+ condition.. Believe to be a First Edition. Hard Cover.


Mina. The Dracula Story Continuess

By Kiraly, Marie

New York: Berkley Books Dust jacket and book very good. 325 pages. In the Bram Stoker Dracula, an extraordinary woman became Dracula's victim. How can a mortal woman return to a normal life and marriage when she burned with the shameful passion Dracula had aroused in her; the thirst for blood.. Believe to be a First Edition. Hard Cover.


Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen

By Forester, Frank

Westvaco Corporation CR 1993, privately printed, Christmas 1993, 284 pages with index and list of illustrations. Designed by Karen M. (Bloom) Elder, also a Colophon page. Illustrated endpapers, all in a slipcase. Near mint condition with a red ribbon marker. Recipes for game and fish. Light green illustrated covers with gilt lettering, same as on slipcase. Excellent for a young man starting to show interest in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, etc.. Limited Edition. Hard Cover.


Nostradamus. The End of the Millennium Prophecies 1992-2001

By Hewitt, V. J. And Lorie, Peter

New York: Simon & Schuster CR 1991, third printing, 207 pages with black and white photos and color illustrations. Dust jacket is good+, except that someone scribbled a little on the front and back cover with pen. Author developed a precise numerical decoding system that she applied to the famous quatrains from Nostradamus's "The Centuries", which permits an accuracy that has never before been achieved - providing you with precise dates and locations for the sometimes confusing texts.. Third Printing. Hard Cover.


Contemporary American Painting

By Pagano, Grace (edited by)

Published by Duell, Sloan & Pearce, CR 1945, 116 pages with 5 pages index. Black covers, slight soil, overall good+. Encyclopedia Britannica Collection. Color and black and white illus. Art, American art, American painters, contemporary art.. Hard Cover.


How to Stencil and Decorate Furniture and Tinware

By Richardson, Nancy

New York: Ronald Press. Red covers, all good+. 186 pages with biblio. Seven pages of stencils to use on your items.. Hard Cover.


Miracles of the Gods

By Daniken, Erich Von

New York: Delacorte Press A New Look at the Supernatural. Dust jacket and book very good, black and white photos, 228 pages with Notes and Bibliography. Author is turning his atttention to present day. In the ways in which the gods are still in touch with us, and to the fact they have or have not played in making of myths which have created our spiritual/religious heritage.. Book Club Edition. Hard Cover.


Beyond Stonehenge

By Hawkins, Gerald S

New York: Harper & Row Dust jacket mas many tears, overall good+ condition. CR 1973, 319 pages with index, bibliography, references, and an appendix, "Astro-Archaeology". 60 photos and 49 line drawings. Delving into the many fascinating aspects of ancient man's knowledge of the sun and stars, the author explores all the ancient ruins around the world, digs into the many legends and myths of the ancient civilizations.. First Edition. Hard Cover.


Gold of the Gods

By Daniken, Erich Von

New York: Putnams Translated by Michael Heron. 201 pages with 8 pgs bibliography and 6 pgs index. Dust jacket and book very good condition. Black and white and color photos. He traveled 76,000 miles over 3 continents to develop new evidence to bolster his theory of a pre-historic earthly "era of the gods".. Book Club Edition. Hard Cover.


Gods from Outer Space

By Daniken, Erich Von

New York: Putnams Return to the Stars or Evidence for the Impossible. Translated by Michael Heron. 191 pages with bibliography and index. Black and white photos. Dust jacket and book very good. International best seller that presents evidence of extra-terrestrial visitors through the centuries of earth's existence.. Book Club Edition. Hard Cover.


Crewel Embroidery

By Wilson, Erica

New York: Charles Scribners Dust jacket slight tears, book covers front cover has a pictue of a man on horseback with a dog and rabbit, tan with green spine, all very good condition. CR 1962, illustrated with drawings by Vladimir Kagan and photos, 153 pages with index and acknowledgments and index of stitches. Book is designed to teach the beginner the fundamentals of crewel embroidery and to enable the more advanced worker to improve on their own techniques. How to choose patterns, materials and wool, mark designs on fabric, mount the work on a frame, stretch, and how to block the finished piece are detailed.. Believe to be a First Edition. Hard Cover.


Ghosts in American Houses

By Reynolds, James

New York: Bonanza Books Dust jacket and book very good condition. 229 pages, black and white sketches and in color, illustrated by author. Stories of haunted houses, treachery, supressed family secrets, etc. Author shows houses from New England (Saltbox), Bayou Plantation, Greek Revival, and excesses of the Mauve Age.. Hard Cover.


Digging Up America

By Hibben, Frank C

New York: Hill & Wang CR 1960, stated first edition. X-Library with back pocket out. 239 pages with index and 32 pages of black and white photos and illustrations. Dust jacket has many tears otherwise good+ condition. Muck pits near Chinitra Bay, Alaska; 25,000 year old cave near Albuquerque, NM; mysterious mounts in Eastern, Central and Southern states; skeleton buried in Minnesota; the Eskimo, Aztec, Inca, and Mound Indians and the earliest nomadic hunters of 25,000 years ago who wandered from Asia across the Bering Strait. These are just a few of the archaelogical and anthropological subjects covered in this book.. Stated first Edition. Hard Cover.


England and the English

By Duff, Charles

London, England: T. V. Boardman & Co., Ltd. CR 1954. Maps and black and white photos. Illustrated pastedowns, 332 pages with index. Dust jacket has slight tears, overall good+ condition. Previous owners bookplate and inscription on front endpaper. An enthralling panorama in narrative and photos of an entirely new interpretation of the English people and their country; then you are taken on an informal but informative tour of England.. Hard Cover.


The Spirits of '76

By Sloane, Eric

New York: Walker and Company. Dust jacket has slight tears and wrinkled slightly from being damp, CR 1973, 64 pages, black and white sketches by Sloane. This is a summary of Sloane's observations and philosophy of the American scene. He lists ten of the original spirits of Early America and them compares them with the changed spirits of today.. First Edition.. Hard Cover.


The Working and Management of an English Railway

By Findlay, George

London, England: Whittaker & Co./George Bell & Sons Numerous illustrations and fold-outs. 300 pages with index and 32 pages of ads. Maroon covers with gilt steam engine on front cover. Spline split on front cover and inside front hinge. Content is very good. The theme of this lecture was approached from the point of view of the utility of the railways in event of the country being invaded. He was later asked to expand on this lecture in reference to maintenance and methods of working with the railways.. Second Edition, Revised & Enlarged. Hard Cover.


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