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How do I qualify for Commission Free sales? What are the fees for listing books through Biblio? Managing your listings using your BiblioDirect bookseller tools What is an Inventory # / SKU? How does the shipping matrix work? How can I improve my sales through How do I offer a trade discount for commission-free sales? How does the shipping matrix work (Version 1)? recommended best practices for booksellers and book descriptions How do I place my account on vacation? Why are my listings not appearing on or How to add a new listing How does the BQI/BibliOZ Reseller Program Work? How do I create a sale? Do I have to ship internationally? How do I offer free shipping to my customers? How do I create a Free Shipping sale? Can I change my billing option plan? What is a BISAC subject? How do I offer coupons to my customers? What is the policy for responding to customer inquiries? What is the minimum sale price for listings on Biblio? When will I be billed for the monthly listing fee under Option B? Where can I see my recent uploads? How do I change my login password? Will I still be able to access my Biblion order history? How do I correct for compatibility problems associated with Internet Explorer 9? Will I still be able to process my own customer payments on Why is my books listed count doubled? Why can't I cancel my sale before the end date? How do I sign up to receive text/SMS notifications from Biblio? How do I alter a book sale I have created? New Bookseller Menu How do I update my contact or business information? How do I find sold listings? What is a Featured Listing? What do the stars mean? How do I get to my public page on Biblio? test Welcome to Biblio! Welcome to Biblio! Welcome to Biblio! Welcome to Biblio! How do I update my store profile? Welcome to Biblio! European Union VAT, shipping label requirements How do I reach Biblio by phone?