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Grapes and Grape Vines of California (3 Plates) by Bosqui, Edward

Own a piece of history...three of the original chromolithograph prints from "Grapes and Grape Vines of California" by Edward Bosqui, the Johannesburg Riesling (the most desirable of all), The Zinfandel, and the Sultana. There might have been a total of 2…

From Cabin of Curiosities


THE COMPLEAT VINEYARD, or, An excellent way for the PLANTING of VINES, according to the GERMAN & FRENCH manner, and long practised in ENGLAND. by HUGHES, W.:

London, printed by J.C. for Will. Crook, at the Green-dragon without Temple-bar, 1670.. Herein is set forth the ways, and all the circumstances necessary for the planting a vineyard; with the election of the soil; the scituation [sic] thereof; the best w…

From Roger Middleton


A wine collector's extensive archive, the meticulous records of Douglas H. Thomas (1847-1919; President of Merchants' National Bank, Baltimore, Maryland), including wine catalogues and invoices, Thomas's correspondence with wine importers, restaurant menus, and other material gathered by Thomas, 1897-1906 by Thomas, Douglas H

Baltimore and other places, 1906. The meticulous wine-related records of Douglas H. Thomas (1847-1919; President of Merchants' National Bank, Baltimore, Maryland). A prominent member of Baltimore society in the late 19th and early 20th century, and a con…

From Rabelais - Fine Books on Food & Drink


DE VICTU ROMANORUM ET DE SANITATE TUENDA LIBRI QUINQUE. His accessere libelli duo De Aluo sine medicamentis mollienda. by Petronio, Alessandro Traiano (Alexander Trajanus Petronius).:

Rome, in aedibus Populi Romani, 1581.. FIRST EDITION 1581 (colophon dated 1582), Latin text, small folio in fours, approximately 315 x 210 mm, 12½ x 7¾ inches, small woodcut printer's device on front and rear endpapers, the large armorial device of Pop…

From Roger Middleton



London, Smith Elder and Co., Cornhill, 1840.. Forming a guide to the profitable CULTURE OF THE VINE IN NEW SOUTH WALES; and to the manufacture of the various WINES OF AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND to rival those of FRANCE, SPAIN AND PORTUGAL. THIRD EDITIO…

From Roger Middleton


THE FRENCH GARDINER, instructing how to cultivate all sorts of FRUIT-TREES, and HERBS for the GARDEN, together with directions to dry and conserve them in their natural, an accomplished piece. by BONNEFONS, Nicolas de, JOHN ROSE and JOHN EVELYN ON WINE.:

London, printed by T.R. & N.T. for B. Tooke, and are to be sold at the Ship in St. Pauls Church-yard, 1675.. Written originally in French, and now translated into English by JOHN EVELYN, Esq; Fellow of the Royal Society. Edition illustrated with sculptur…

From Roger Middleton


The Cultivation of American Grape Vines and Making of Wine. by Spooner, Alden

Brooklyn: A Spooner & Co, 1846. First edition of one of the earliest American books on wine making. Small octavo, original cloth. In very goo condition condition with 12 page corners torn. Rare; the last example at auction was in 1984. …

From Raptis Rare Books


Wine, Women, and Song by ZAEHNSDORF, binder; SYMONDS, John Addington

London: Chatto and Windus, 1884. Wine, Women, and Song" In a Fine, Near Contemporary 'Exhibition' Binding by Zaehnsdorf [ZAEHNSDORF, binder]. SYMONDS, John Addington. Wine, Women, and Song. Mediaeval Latin Students' Songs. Now First Translated into Engl…

From David Brass Rare Books, Inc.



Florence, Per Giuseppe Tofani e Comp. sulla Piazza Pitti, 1787.. FIRST EDITION 1787, Italian text, 8vo, approximately 190 x 135 mm, 7½ x 5¼ inches, very small round printer's device on title page, 1 small diagram in the text, folding enrgraved plate at…

From Roger Middleton


VINETUM BRITANNICUM: or, A TREATISE OF CIDER, and such other Wines and Drinks that are extracted from all manner of Fruits Growing in this Kingdom. Together with the Method of Propagating all sorts of Vinous FRUIT-TREES. by WORLIDGE, John.:

London, printed by J.C. for Tho. Dring, over against the Inner-temple; and Tho. Burrel at the Golden-ball under St. Dunstans Church in Fleet-street, 1676.. Title continued: And a Description of the new-invented INGENIO or MILL, for the more expeditious a…

From Roger Middleton


A TREATISE ON THE VINE, embracing its history from the earliest ages to the present day. by PRINCE, William Robert.:

New York, T and J. Swords, G & C & H Carvill, E. Bliss, Collins & Co, et al., 1830.. with descriptions of above two hundred foreign and eighty American varieties; together with a complete dissertation on the establishment, culture, and management of vine…

From Roger Middleton


DELLA AGRICOLTURA DI M. AFRICO CLEMENTE PADOVANO, accomodata all'uso de' nostri tempi, & al servitio d'ogni paese. Con molte aggiunte di Ricordi utili, & curiosi in quest'ultima impressione. Libri sei. by CLEMENTE, Africo.:

In Vicenza: per il Megietti, 1623. Nelli quali si contiene il vero, & utilissimo modo di coltivare le cose di Villa. Con l'aggiunta ancora del Settimo Libro intorno alle pescagioni, et la Tavola delle cose notabili, per ordine d'Alfabeto. SECOND EDITION…

From Roger Middleton


Les marques de fabrique francaises. Sauvegarde du producteur francais a l’étranger. Titre & marque déposés. Septième édition. by Académie Nationale, Agricole, Manufactière & Commerciale

(7) leaves letterpress text, 1 leaf half-title (première section) 111 numbered leaves (recte 109) ; plates numbered 10 through 111 are printed on recto only, with plate numbers 40, 63 and 92 omitted according to a printed note at the end of the index, bu…

From Antiquariat Banzhaf


NEW GUIDE FOR THE HOTEL, BAR, RESTAURANT, BUTLER AND CHEF. Being a Hand Book for the Management of Hotel and American Bars, and the Manufacture of the Principal New and Fashionable Drinks cookery by BACCHUS & CORDON BLEU [LEBOUR-FAWSSETT, Emilie]

London, William Nicholson and Sons, [1885].. Hotel & restaurant cookery, as now practised, with the newest entrees and dishes. FIRST EDITION, in 2 parts, Preface dated 1885. FIRST PART BY BACCHUS. Treats of Home Brewing; The Manufacture of Wines, Spirit…

From Roger Middleton


DELLA AGRICOLTURA Libri cinque ne quali si contengono tutte le cose appartenenti al bisogno della villa, tratte da gli antichi & da moderni scrittori. by SANSOVINO, Francesco. Giovanni Tatti.:

In Venetia, appresso F. Sansovino, et Compagni, 1561.. Subtitle cont. Con le figure delle biave, delle piante, de gli animali e delle herbe cosi medicinali, come comuni e da mangiare. SECOND EDITION 1561 (first published in 1560), divided into 5 parts, t…

From Roger Middleton


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