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Water Sports

From Shadow Divers to Self-Steering For Sailing Craft, from The Science Of Sailing Revised Edition to Dr Cohen's Healthy Sailor Book, we can help you find the water sports books you are looking for. As the world's largest independent marketplace for new, used and rare books, you always get the best in service and value when you buy from, and all of your purchases are backed by our return guarantee.

Top Sellers in Water Sports

    Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson

    Shadow Divers is a non-fictional recounting of the discovery of a World War II German U-Boat sixty miles off the coast of New Jersey, USA in 1991.

    Sailing Alone Around the World by Captain Joshua Slocum

    Joshua Slocum, one of the most famous of American sea captains, really was the first to single-handedly circumnavigate the world. The epitome of Yankee independence, he had risen from a seaman to the captain of his own ship. Marooned in Brazil, he built a "canoe" in which he returned to America (see The Voyage of the Liberdade). At loose ends at fifty-one, he was offered an old oyster boat which he rebuilt into the 37' Spray and in 1895 he took off from Boston for the Straits of Gibraltar. He is a captivating writer as well; observant, humorous, and evocative: "For, one day, well off the Patagonian coast, while the sloop was reaching under short sail, a tremendous wave, the culmination, it seemed, of many waves, rolled down upon her in a storm, roaring as it came. I had only a moment to get all sail down and myself up on the peak halliards, out of danger, when I saw the mighty crest towering masthead-high above me. The mountain of water submerged my vessel. She shook in every timber and reeled under the weight of the sea, but rose quickly out of it, and rode grandly over the rollers that followed. It may have been a minute that from my hold in the rigging I could see no part of the Spray's hull. Perhaps it was even less time than that, but it seemed a long while, for under great excitement one lives fast, and in a few seconds one may think a great deal of one's past life."He met determined pirates in Tierra del Fuego:"I was not for letting on that I was alone, and so I stepped into the cabin, and, passing through the hold, came out at the fore-scuttle, changing my clothes as I went along. That made two men. Then the piece of bowsprit which I had sawed off at Buenos Aires, and which I had still on board, I arranged forward on the lookout, dressed as a seaman, attaching a line by which I could pull it into motion. That made three of us..."In Africa he met the explorer Henry Stanley:"Mr. Stanley was a nautical man once himself, - on the Nyanza, I think, - and of course my desire was to appear in the best light before a man of his experience. He looked me over carefully, and said, "'What an example of patience!'"'Patience is all that is required,' I ventured to reply."He then asked if my vessel had water-tight compartments. I explained that she was all water-tight and all compartment. "'What if she should strike a rock?' he asked. "'Compartments would not save her if she should hit the rocks lying along her course,' said I; adding, 'she must be kept away from the rocks.' "After a considerable pause Mr. Stanley asked, 'What if a swordfish should pierce her hull with its sword?' "Of course I had thought of that as one of the dangers of the sea, and also of the chance of being struck by lightning. In the case of the swordfish, I ventured to say that 'the first thing would be to secure the sword.'"So this is where Jack London got the idea for watertight compartments! (see Cruise of the Snark, available from The Narrative Press) Discover for yourself why everyone reads this book (called a sailor's Walden) -- even if you're not planning a solo sailing trip. And take it with you if you are!

    Wooden Boats by Michael Ruhlman

    There are fewer than 10,000 wooden boats in America, but the circulation of WoodenBoat magazine exceeds 180,000. What is it about these boats that has captured the popular imagination? With his "lively blend of reportage [and] reflection" ( Los Angeles Times ), Michael Ruhlman sets off for a renowned boatyard in Martha's Vineyard to follow the construction of two boats-Rebecca, a 60-foot modern pleasure schooner, and Elisa Lee, a 32-foot powerboat. Filled with exquisite details and stories of the sea, this exciting exploration of a nearly forgotten craft and the colorful personalities involved will enthrall wooden boat owners as well as craftspeople of every stripe, nature enthusiasts, and fans of compelling nonfiction.

    On the Bottom by Commander Edward Ellsberg

    The Ashley Book Of Knots by Clifford W Ashley

    In the Wake Of the Spray by Kenneth E Slack

    Sailing Fundamentals by Gary Jobson

    Heavy Weather Sailing by K Adlard Coles

    The Search For Speed Under Sail, 1700-1855 by Howard I Chapelle

    Piloting, Seamanship, and Small Boat Handling by Charles F Chapman

    The Nature Of Boats by Dave Gerr

    The History Of American Sailing Ships by Howard I Chapelle

    Sailing Theory and Practice by C A Marchaj

    Sail and Rig Tuning by Ivar Dedekam

    Sailing Alone Around the World and Voyage Of the Liberdade by Joshua Slocum

    The Tigris Expedition by Thor Heyerdahl

    Heavy Weather Sailing by Adlard Coles

    Around the World In "Wanderer IIi by Eric C Hiscock

    The Well-Managed Sailboat by George Day-

    Mp the Life Of Michael Peterson by Sean Doherty

    The Glenans Sailing Manual by Philippe Harle

    Self-Steering For Sailing Craft by John S Letcher

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