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True Crime

From Zodiac to Child Of Satan, Child Of God -- Charles Manson 's Woman - Susan Atkins, Her Own Story, From Helter Skelter To Rebirth, from The Octopus to Don't Look Behind You, we can help you find the true crime books you are looking for. As the world's largest independent marketplace for new, used and rare books, you always get the best in service and value when you buy from, and all of your purchases are backed by our return guarantee.

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    The Octopus by Thomas, Kenn; Keith, Jim

    Writer Danny Casolaro was on the trail of the Octopus when he was found dead in a West Virginia hotel in 1991, becoming part of the most extraordinary political tale of the '90s. The slashes in his wrists were too deep to be self-inflicted. The accordion file with his recent research was missing. He had told his family to be gravely suspicious if an accident befell him. Casolaro had been suicided.Today, Casolaro's "Octopus" – a transnational power bloc pursuing its own interests through subversion and overthrow of governments, dirty money and extra-electoral manipulation – has risen again. The players Casolaro identified in his research, including Iran-Contra spooks, Middle Eastern weapons merchants, double-dealling politicos, and terrorists, have reappeared.The story begins with October Surprise, a trading-with-the-enemy scheme that set the stage for America's quagmire in the Middle East. The tentacles of The Octopus attach themselves to the Inslaw affair, the theft of super-surveillance software used to spy on criminals and police alike. The grisly saga continues with Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, both believed to be evading capture through the use of Inslaw's PROMIS software.What survived of Casolaro's research fell into the hands of two writers, Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith. In 1996 the hardcover edition of The Octopus was released. In 1999, co-author Keith died, like Casolaro, under mysterious circumstances. This revised and updated edition, which continues Casolaro's (and Keith's) research with new chapters on Octopus involvements with the events of 9/11, may be the most comprehensive investigation into the tangle of international conspiracy.

    Blood Games by Bledsoe, Jerry

    Blood Games is a 1992 horror novel by American author Richard Laymon.

    Blood Brother by Bird, Anne

    What happens if, after being given up for adoption in childhood, you reestablish contact with your biological family -- only to discover that your newfound brother is a killer?Anne Bird, the sister of Scott Peterson, knows firsthand.Soon after her birth in 1965, Anne was given up for adoption by her mother, Jackie Latham. Welcomed into the well-adjusted Grady family, she lived a happy life. Then, in the late 1990s, she came back into contact with her mother, now Jackie Peterson, and her family -- including Jackie's son Scott Peterson and his wife, Laci. Anne was welcomed into the family, and over the next several years she grew close to Scott and especially Laci. Together they shared holidays, family reunions, and even a trip to Disneyland. Anne and Laci became pregnant at roughly the same time, and the two became confidantes.Then, on Christmas Eve 2002, Laci Peterson went missing -- and the happy facade of the Peterson family slowly began to crumble. Anne rushed to the family's aid, helping in the search for Laci, even allowing Scott to stay in her home while police tried to find his wife. Yet Scott's behavior grew increasingly bizarre during the search, and Anne grew suspicious that her brother knew more than he was telling. Finally she began keeping a list of his disturbing behavior. And by the time Laci's body -- and that of her unborn son, Conner -- were found, Anne was becoming convinced: Her brother Scott Peterson had murdered his wife and unborn child in cold blood.Filled with news-making revelations and intimate glimpses of Scott and Laci, the Peterson family, and the investigation that followed the murder, Blood Brother is a provocative account of how long-dormant family ties dragged one woman into one of the most notorious crimes of our time.

    Doc by Olsen, Jack

    Reprinted by arrangement with Atheneum.

    No Regrets by Rule, Ann

    In the Name Of Love by Rule, Ann

    Everything She Ever Wanted by Rule, Ann

    The Prince and The Premier by Hickie, David

    Hells Angels At War by Lavigne, Yves

    Joe Cinque's Consolation by Garner, Helen

    True Crime Stories by Haines, Max

    Someone Else's Daughter - the Life and Death Of Anita Cobby by Sheppard, Julia

    In the Still Of the Night by Rule, Ann

    Worth More Dead by Rule, Ann

    Heart Full Of Lies by Rule, Ann

    Blind Eye by Stewart, James B

    Don't Look Behind You by Rule, Ann

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