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Astrophysics Books & Ephemera



    Masks of the Universe; Changing Ideas on the Nature of the Cosmos. by HARRISON, Edward (1919-2007)

    Cambridge:: Cambridge University Press, 2002., 2002. 8vo. ix, 331 pp. Figs., index. Black gilt-stamped cloth. Near fine. Second edition. The author is a former distinguished professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Massachusetts, then the University of Arizona. ISBN: 0521773512 / 0-521-77351-2



    An Introduction to Celestial Mechanics. Second revised edition. by MOULTON, Forest Ray

    New York:: Macmillan, 1935., 1935. 8vo. xvi, 437 pp. Figs., index. Maroon blind and gilt-stamped cloth; minor wear to spine ends. Ink ownership signature of Harold Levine. Very good. [HL]


    AUD $19.99

    Beyond the black hole: Stephen Hawking's universe by John Boslough

    Fontana, 1986. Later Edition. Softcover. Good Condition/No Dust Jacket. Size: Octavo (standard book size). 126 pages. Text body is clean, and free from previous owner annotation, underlining and highlighting. Binding is tight, covers and spine fully intact. Edges foxed and browned. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 500 grams. Category: Science & Technology; Astrophysics.; ISBN: 000636652X. ISBN/EAN: 9780006366522. Dewey Code: 523.01/092/4 19. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request. Inventory No: RB14324. . 9780006366522



    Seventeenth Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences) by Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics 1994 (Munich, Germany); Bohringer, Hans; Morfill, G. E.; Truemper, J

    New York Academy of Sciences. PAPERBACK. 0897669428 A very nice copy. The book is tightly bound and glossy. No writing or highlighting and no creasing. Book has slight wave to it and does not lay flat. . Very Good.



    Cosmic Numbers; The Numbers That Define Our Universe. by STEIN, James D

    New York:: Basic Books, 2011., 2011. 8vo. xii, 228 pp. Index. Two-toned hardcover boards, dust-jacket. Near fine. ISBN: 9780465021987



    The Smithsonian Book of Mars. by Joseph Boyce

    Washington, DC Smithsonian Institution Press, 2002. Hardcover First Ed; but later printing. Fine in Fine DJ: Book shows binding square and secure; text clean. DJ unclipped; mylar-protected. As New. NOT a Remainder, Book-Club, or Ex-Library. 8vo. 321pp. First Ed; but later printing. Hardback with DJ. From 1985 to 2000 Joseph Boyce provided scientific leadership to NASA as its Mars exploration program scientist. He has lived much of the history of the planet's exploration, and his findings have helped to determine what we know about Mars today. The Smithsonian Book of Mars is truly a firsthand account."



    Theoretical Astrophysics; Atomic Theory and the annals of stellar atmospheres and envelopes. by ROSSELAND, Svein (1894-1985)

    Oxford:: Clarendon Press, 1936., 1936. Series: The International Series of Monographs on Physics. 8vo. xix, 355 pp. Index; ink marginalia throughout chapter XXIII. Title ink signature of Harold Levine, 1941. Very good. Rosseland was a pioneer in astrophysics. [HL]



    [Discovery of Dark Matter] "Rotation of the Andromeda Nebula from a Spectroscopic Survey of Emission Regions" and "Rotational properties of 21 SC galaxies with a large range of luminosities and radii, from NGC 4605 (R = 4 kpc) to UGC 2885 (R = 122 kpc)" by Rubin, Vera and Ford, Kent W

    First editions of the groundbreaking observations by Rubin and Ford showing that dark matter exists and controls the rotation of galaxies. Astrophysical Journal vol. 159 (1970) and 238 (1980). The first article showed the first observational evidence in the Andromeda galaxy, and the second article conclusive evidence that the same is seen in other galaxies. Ex-library.



    Impact of Modern Dynamics in Astronomy. Proceedings of the IAU Colloquium 172 held in Namur, Belgium, July 1998. by HENRARD, J.; S. FERRAZ-MELLO (editors)

    Dordrecht,: Kluwer Academic, 1999., 1999. 8vo. x, 466 pp. Hardcover. Fine. Contents [numbers represent pages]: G. CONTOPOULOS, N. VOGLIS and C. EFTHYMIOPOULOS / Chaos in Relativity and Cosmology A. MACIEJEWSKI and M. SZYDLOWSKI / Bianchi Cosmologies as Dynamical Systems; S. FERRAZ-MELLO / Slow and Fast Diffusion in Asteroid-Belt Resonances: A Review A. MORBIDELLI / Origin and Evolution of Near Earth Asteroids B. G. MARSDEN / Small Bodies in the Outer Solar System Cl. FROESCHLE, T. 1. JOPEK and G. B. VALSECCHI /The Use of Geocentric Variables to Search for Meteroid Streams and Their Parents 1. D. HADJIDEMETRIOU / A Symplectic Mapping Model as a Tool to Understand the Dynamics of 211 Resonant Asteroid Motion M. SIDLICHOVSKY / On Stable Chaos in the Asteroid Belt I. V. TUPIKOVA, A. A. VAKHIDOV and M. SOFFEL/Explicit-Semi-Analytical Theory of Asteroid Motion C. BEAUGE, A. LEMAITRE and S. JAN CART / On the Motion of Trapped Particles in the Vicinity of Corotation Centers S. I. IPATOV / Migration of Trans-Neptunian Objects to the Earth E. PILAT-LOHINGER, R. DVORAK and Ch. BURGER / Trojans in Stable Chaotic Motion Stellar Systems IX; S. J. AARSETH / Star Cluster Simulations: the State of the Art 127-137 R. H. MILLER / Dimensionality of Stable and Unstable Directions in the Gravitational N-Body Problem 139-147 H. WOZNIAK and D. PFENNIGER / Distribution of Kolmogorov-Sina'i Entropy in Self-Consistent Models of Barred Galaxies 149-158 D. D. CARPINTERO, J. C. MUZZIO and F. C. WACHLIN / Regular and Chaotic Motion in Globular Clusters 159-168 A. RIAGUAS, A. EUPE and M. LARA / Periodic Orbits around a Massive Straight Segment 169-178 S. PORTEGIES ZWART and K. TAKAHASHI/Escape from a Crisis in Fokker- Planck Models 179-186 HONSHENG ZHAO / Building Galaxy Models with Schwarzschild Method and Spectral Dynamics 187-194; P. CINCOTTA and C. SIMO / Conditional Entropy: a Tool to Explore Phase Space 195-209 N. VOGUS, G. CONTOPOULOS and C. EFTHYMIOPOULOS / Detection of Ordered and Chaotic Motion using the Dynamical Spectra C. EFTHYMIOPOULOS, G. CONTOPOULOS and N. VOGUS / Cantori, 211-220 Islands and Asymptotic Curves in the Stickiness Region 221-230 T. FUKUSHIMA / Parallel/Nector Integration Methods for Dynamical Astronomy 231-241 S. FERRAZ-MELLO / Do Average Hamiltonians Exist? 243-248 YI-SUI SUN and YAN-NING FU / Diffusion Character in Four-Dimensional Volume-Preserving Map 249-258 I. I. SHEVCHENKO / The Separatrix Algorithmic Map: Application to the Spin-Orbit Motion 259-268 J. G. BRYANT / Canonical Variables of the Second Kind and the Reduction of the N-Body Problem 269-280 R. A. BROUCKE / Motion near the Unit Circle in the Three-Body Problem 281-290 S. R. CHESLEY / A Global Analysis of the Generalized Sitnikov Problem 291-302 F. MONDEJAR and A. VIGUERAS / The Hamiltonian Dynamics of the Two Gyrostats Problem 303-312; P. ARTYMOWICZ / Planetary Systems 313-316 1. CHAPRONT, M. CHAPRONT-TOUZE and G. FRANCOU / Complements to Moon's Lunar Libration Theory 317-328 E. BOIS and J. F. GIRARD / Impact of the Quadrupole Moment of the Sun on the Dynamics of the Earth-Moon System 329-338 0.1. SCHEERES / The Effect of e22 on Orbit Energy and Angular Momentum 339-348 P. J. MESSAGE / The Use of Lie Series in the Construction of a Perturba- tion Theory and Some Recent Results in the Theory of the Motion of v Hyperion 349-358; Z. KNEZEVIC and A. MILANI/Higher Order and Iterative Theories to Compute Asteroid Mean Elements 359-360 J. L. HILTON and R. C. STONE / The Asteroid Mass Determination Project at the U.S. Naval Observatory 361-362 M. E. SANSATURIO, A. MILANI, A. LA SPINA and K. MUINONEN / The Asteroid Identification Problem 363-364 D. VOKROULICKY and P. FARINELLA / Interaction of Resonances and Yarkovsky Non-Gravitational Effects in the Asteroid Belt 365-368 A. MILANI and G. B. VALSECCHI / Target Plane Confidence Boundaries: Mathematics of the 1997 XFll Scare 369-370 MURISON / A Dynamical Survey of Inner Solar System Asteroids 371-372 E. DESVOIVRES, J. KLINGER and A. C. LEVASSEUR-REGOURD / Detailed Study of the Dynamics of Fragments of Comet C / 1996 B2 Hyakutake 373-374 Ch. BURGER, E. PILAT-LOHINGER, R. DVORAK and A. CHRISTAKI / Proper Elements and Stability of the Trojan Asteroids 375-376 F. LOPEZ-GARCIA and A. BRUNINI / Dynamical Behaviour of Asteroids in the 4: 1 Resonance 377-378 K. GOZDZIEWSKI and A. 1. MACIEJEWSKI / Perturbations of Small Moons Orbits due to their Rotation: the Model Problem 379-380 D. NESVORNY and A. MORBIDELLI / Mean-Motion Resonances in the Asteroid Belt 381-382 I. I. SHEVCHENKO / On the Critical Phenomena in the Dynamics of Asteroids 383-386 F. ROIG and S. FERRAZ-MELLO / Dynamics of Real Asteroids at the Hecuba Gap 387-388 A. SIMULA. S. FERRAZ-MELLO and C. GIORDANO / Modelling Very- High-Eccentricity Asteroidal Librations with the Andoyer Hamiltonian 389-390; S. TREMAINE / Resonant Relaxation 391-392 GROSB0L and P. A. PATSIS / Periodic Orbits in Three-Armed Galaxies 393-394 V. DE BRUYNE, F. LEEUWIN and H. DEJONGHE / Orbits in a Stackel Approximation 395-396 K. V. JOHNSTON, S. SIGURDSSON and L. HERNQUIST / Measuring Mass Loss Rates from Galactic Satellites 397-398 S. A. CORA, M. M. VERGNE and 1. C. MUZZIO / Effect of Chaotic Orbits on Dynamical Friction 399-400 W. D. HEACOX / Nonparametric Statistical Models of Globular Cluster Dynamics 401-402 F. BANCKEN and E. JEHIN / Orbits of Hipparcos Metal-Poor Stars with Well- Defined Spectroscopic Abundances 403-404 L. G. TAFF and 1. L. HERSHEY / HST-FGS Astrometry of the Low Mass Binary L 722-22 405-407 L. G. KISELEVA and P. P. EGGLETON / Can Combination of 'Kozai effect' and Tidal Friction Produce Close Stellar and Planetary Orbits? 409-410 1. PALACIAN, P. YANGUAS and S. FERRER / Simple Periodic Orbits in Elliptical Galaxies Modelled by Hamiltonians in 1-1-1 Resonances 411-412; P. BIDART and 1. CHAPRONT / Moon's Planetary Perturbations 413-414 T. V. IVANOVA / On the Construction of a Long Term Moon's Theory 415-416 S. BOUQUILLON and J. SOUCHAY / A New Model of Mars Rotation from Pathfinder Data 417 -418 S. CHAMPENOIS / Dynamics of the Mimas-Thetys System 419-424 M. 1. MARTINEZ usa, F. 1. MARCO-CASTILLO and J. A. LOPEZ ORTI / A Necessary Condition to the Simultaneous Correction of Celestial Reference Frames 425-426 A. A. CHRISTOU / Secular Perturbations near Mean Motion Resonances 427-428 N. CALLEGARI Jr, T. YOKOYAMA and E. P. MARINHO / Dynamics of Fictitious Earth Satellites with Possible Past Value of the Ecliptic 429-430 I. STELLMACHER / An Intermediary Periodic Orbit for Hyperion 431-432; G. F. GRONCHI and A. MILANI/Averaging of Earth-Crossing Orbits S. KLIONER and M. SOFFEL / Rotational Motion of Celestial Bodies in the Relativistic Framework 433-434 435-436; S. BREITER and A. A. JACKSON / Lommel Functions in some Drag-Perturbed Problem 437-438 Ch. K. MCCORD and K. R. MEYER / Two Conjectures of G. D. Birkhoff 439-440 J. R. DONNISON / Three-Body Stability Criteria 441-442 M. GUZZO / Nekhoroshev Stability in Quasi-Integrable Degenerate Hamilto- nian Systems 443-444 G. BENETTIN, F. FASSO and M. GUZZO / Nekhoroshev-Stability of L4 and L5 in the Spatial Restricted Problem 445-446 K. TSIGANIS, A. ANASTASIADIS and H. VARVOGLIS / Effective Lyapunov Numbers and Correlation Dimension in a 3-D Hamiltonian System 447-448 1. E. CHAMBERS / A Symplectic Integration Scheme that Allows Close Encounters between Massive Bodies 449-450 A. CELLETTI, G. DELLA PENNA and C. FROESCHLE / Analytical Approx- imation of the Dissipative Standard Map 451-452 F. J. MARCO-CASTILLO, M. J. MARTINEZ USO and J. A. LOPEZ ORTI / Second Order Perturbations of Elliptic Elements with respect to the Initial Ones 453-454; A. APARICIO and L. FLORIA / Zonal Harmonics of the Gravity Field in DEF-variables 455-456 M. A. VASHKOVYAK / On the Stability of Stationary Solutions of the Twice- Averaged Hill's Problem taking into account the Planet Oblateness 457 A. MAKHLOUF and N. DEB BAH / Study of the Normal Variational Equation in an Homogeneous Field of Degree Five 459-460 L. FLORIA / Generalyzed Gylden-Type System in Universal DS-like TR- variables 461-462 A. CORDERO, J. MARTINEZ ALFARO and P. VINDEL / Orbital Structure of the Two Fixed Centres Problem 463-464 A. D. CHERNIN / Chaos in Three-Body Dynamics: Intermittency, Strange Attractor, Kolmogorov-Sinai Entropy 465-466.

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