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Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Hello, I've been through a lot of moves in a few years and in doing such, I've had an opportunity to revisit my humble sized booked collection that I grew over the better part of over a decade. In doing so, I've discovered that I have a few books of value that I think could really add to someone's collection!

Micks Books

Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Welcome to Mick's Books. I am a reader first, collector and now bookseller on-line. I have been selling books at conventions for the past 8 years. I specialize in Mystery, SiFi, Fantasy and Horror, as well as Graphic Novels, Limited Editions, Vintage and new paperbacks. Over the next few months I will be listing 100's of books, many signed (in person). Hope you find some books you like. Actual Photographs of the books for sale are available on request. Mick