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Bolinas, California: Shelter Publications, 1973. 176 pp. A third or later printing of the 1973 edition. A light sun shadow on back wrap (or a production fault?), else an excellent exemplar. A travelling survey, with scads of photos, of human architectural techonologies. Contents: Caves, Huts, and Tents: Shelter, Caves, Huts, Dogon, Masai, Ethiopia, Kabre, Iron Age Huts, Tin and Thatch in Togo, Tents, Tuareg, Bedouin, North Africa, Tekna, Yurts; ¤ Native Americans: Black Elk, Tipis, Pomo, Mandan, Miwok, Navajo, Hopi, Wichita, Pima, Coyote and Silver Fox; ¤ European Timber: Early Timber, English Cottage Frame, Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe, Norway, Kizhi, Russia; ¤ The New World: Abobe, Baled Straw, Soddies, Studs; ¤ Barns: Great Timber Barns, North American Barns; ¤ Building: Building, Shed, Gable, Hip, Adobe, Hexagon, Barn, Floors and footings, Concrete Floors, Windows and Doors, Roofing and Skylights, Tools and tips, Japanese homes, Residence Renaissance, Dr. Tinkerpaw, Inside; ¤ Materials: Materials and methods, Materials and animal energy, Shakes and shingling, The nature of wood, Eucalyptus lumber, Saplings, Mortise and tenon, Dirt, Cinva-Ram, Stone, Baled hay, Plaster, Sod, Canvas, Winter tent, Hawaiian lashing, Reed, Bamboo, Thatching, Craftsmen of necessity, Wrecking and salvage, Demolition addict, Basho demolition, Captain Bill, Earth shelter; ¤ Nomad Living: No-mad living, Housecar, Tin Lizzies, Joaquin and Gypsy's housetruck, Houseboats, junks; ¤ Dwelling: Treehouse, Towers, The cones of Cappadocia, New York City, London squatters, Medieval NYC, Barrios, Banani, A Dogon village, $40 a month, $40 a day, Carpenter Gothic, 100 more years, Libre; ¤ Domes (Domebook 3): The dome, Introduction to Domebook 3, The woner of Jena, Smart but not wise, Technology review, Drop City revisited, Bill Woods,Sealing wood domes, Ferro cement, Tao foam, Tensegrity mast, Raw stuff, House of the century, Divine proportion, Chord factors, models, Log dome, Adobe dome, Crystal windows, Bindu dome, Decoding Arabic design, Polygons, Zarch, Tet truss, Zomes, Zome, Wooden dome, Hypar domes, Red Rockers, Ivy dome; ¤ Builders: Free form, Traditional yurt, Wooden yurt, Hogan and tea house, Tipi-snail shell, Sod Iglu, Ken Kern, Will Wood, Long hair, masonic lodges and the seeds of architecture, Designer-builders, Val Agnoli, Doug Madsen, Robert Venable; ¤ Energy, Water, Food, Waste: Woodlands, Energy, Northern Plains power, Interview from Montana, Sun and wind in New Mexico, Solar water heaters, Harold Hay on solar energy, Windmills of Murcia, Windworks, Bathroom, Arctic Circle insulation, Heating and insulation, Community water, China, A small garden, Bibliography, Credits ¤ Color: credits for eight pages of color photographs.. First, Later Printing. Wraps. Fine. Folio - over 12" - 15" tall.