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Outlook, The, Published Weekly, with Illustrations, Wednesday February 14, 1917

By Roosevelt, Theodore

New York, NY: The Outlook Company, 1917. 23 x 30 cm. "The Dawn and Sunrise of History"" by Theodore Roosevelt, discusses some major overhaul to U.S. education. ""The United States Severs Diplomatic Relations with Germany"" , includes photo of President Wilson addressing Congress on this measure. Ruthless German Submarine Warfare Begins. Congress Overrides President on Immigration Bill, which will require literacy test of immigrants.The Break with Germany: Poll of the Press. German-American press in U.S. overwhelmingly behind the President. British press reluctant to see U.S. in war with Germany. German press says, ""bring 'em on!"" Adv for Brunswick Home Billiard Tables, Davey Tree Surgeons, James McCutcheon & Co. Ladies' Clothing, Harper & Brothers set of 25 volumes of Mark Twain's works for $25.00. Nujol for Constipation, offered by Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. Mazda lamps by General Electric Company. Periodical, moderate wear, very good. . Catalogs: World War I.


Third Liberty Loan: World War I; Treasury Department Bureau of Publicity, 1918: United States Government Bonds

Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1918. 15 x 23 cm. 1,800,000 of America's brave sons are now serving in the Army and the Navy of the United States: Letter from Treasury Secretary McAdoo. Details on bonds: maturity, denominations, tax exemption, bond purchase fund, receivable for federal inheritance taxes. Paper leaflet, dampstain at bottom right corner, 4 cm; good. . Catalogs: World War I.


Facts of Interest Concerning the Military Resources and Policy of the United States, War Department Publication

Washington, DC: War Department, 1914. 14.7 x 23.2 cm. Act of April 22, 1898 declares that all able bodied male Americans and those who intend to become citizens, ages 18-45 are liable to perform military duty. Regular Army organization. Traditional military policy. Relation of the Regular Army to the Nation's war power. The necessity of a reserve system. This booklet formed the legal rationale for the huge expansion of the Army during World War I. Paper booklet, very good. . Catalogs: World War I.


Lost Battalion: History and Rhymes of the Lost Battalion by ""Buck Private"" McCollum, sketches by Franklin Sly and Tolman R. Reamer

By McCollum, ""Buck Private"

L.C. McCollum, 1929. 13 x 17.6 cm. Tribute to First Battalion of the 308th Infantry, 77th Division, fighting in the Argonne in France, October, 1918.Dedicated to Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Charles W. Whittlesey. Poems, sketches, photos of leaders. Leatherette cover, Presentation bookplate on title page from Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post. 159, Lawrence, MA to Mrs. K. Quinlan. Very good. . Catalogs: World War I.