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Photographs/Ephemera From The Personal Navigator


New England Women Photograph

ca. 1895. 22 x 16 cm. Photo includes Jennie Pike (b. 1870, Prospect, ME); Catherine Barlees, Lizzie B. Spaulding, Maria Kennard, Georgie Wilson, Rachel Plummer, Hattie Brett, Olive Ingalls, Annie Huff, Ella F. Kennard, Annie Jewett, Mabel Farringbis, Eva Bowker, Jennie Lowe, Phebe Hirwange, Evie Jordans and Marcy Fletcher. Photo, taken in front of school building, probably. Size 8.5 in. wide, 6.5 in. tall.Edges chipped and worn, fair. . Catalogs: Photographs/Ephemera.


Photo of a Young Woman

Boston, MA: Purdy, 146 Tremont St, ca. 1908. 13.5 x 18.5 cm. Photo shows young woman with elaborate hat, turtle-neck shirt and dark suit; she holds a fur muff. Very good. . Catalogs: Photographs/Ephemera.