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Educational/History From The Personal Navigator


Our Little People Library, December 1903: The Story of William Tell

Farmington, ME: D.H. Knowlton & Co, 1903. 12 x 18 cm. About Switzerland. Gessler's Rule. Gessler's Cruelty. Walter bore a message to Arnold. The Ducal Cap of Austria. Tell shoots the apple. Paper booklet, very good. . Catalogs: Educational/History.


School World, The , Literature Series, December 1904: The Pilgrim Fathers, Abridged from Abbott

Farmington, ME: D.H. Knowlton & Co, 1904. 12 x 18 cm. Teacher's edition. Jacob Abbott in Farmington, ME. Died 1879. Story of the Pilgrim Fathers, abridged from ""The Northern Colonies"" by Abbott. Virginia. Puritans and Separatists. Depart from Leyden. The Mayflower Compact. Paper booklet, very good. . Catalogs: Educational/History.


Road Ahead, The; America's Creeping Revolution

By Flynn, John T

New York, NY: The Committee for Constitutional Government, Inc, 1949. 12 x 19 cm. Warns Americans about ""stealthy revolution and unannounced plan to drive America into collectivism just as in Great Britain. By author of The Roosevelt Myth. Anti-socialism Paper booklet, light wear. Includes small pamphlet for promoting this book. . Catalogs: Educational/History .


Liberty of Independent Historical Research

By Kerslake, Thomas

London, England: Reeves and Turner, 196 Strand, 1885. 14 x 21 cm. Kerslake mounts a spirited attack on bureaucratsand other know-it-alls who stand in the way of historical research. He cites his considerable research all over Britain. Paper booklet, cover soiled, spine worn away, good. . Catalogs: Educational/History.