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Advertising/Cookbooks From The Personal Navigator


Norge Refrigerator Brochure: Favorite Foods of Famous Stars

Detroit, MI: The Norge Corporation, 1934. 25 x 20 cm. Look at what these Hollywood Stars can do, preparing dainty foods for light luncheons in their Norge Rollator Refrigeration. There's Leon Errol clowning over a bottle of milk while he leans on an open Norge. Adrienne Ames offers her menu for a buffet supper, and recipes for Berrymint Ice and Rollator Cookies; Frances Drake offers a Rollator Salad and a Fruit Cake; Lona Andre likes salads; Wynne Gibson prefers light lunches; Kathleen Burke offers a vegetarian luncheon; Ruth Hall contributes a recipe for grapefruit cocktail; Grace Bradley offers a Tomato-Sourkraut Cocktail; Leila Hyams offers Pistachio Mousse; Arline Judge has a recipe for potato salad; Ida Lupino offers Rice Paramount and Southern Cheese Salad; June Knight has a ""Good-Knight"" suggestion; Gigi Parrish offers Fresh Peach Ice Cream Pie and Colleen Moore offers County Cork Ice Cream (Vanilla ice cream with crushed peanuts); Gail Patrick has a Piquant Tongue Loaf and Dorothy Peterson has a Chicken Drummond recipe. Ginger Rogers poses beside an open Norge, and offers a recipe for a Late Supper Salad. Also recipes from Gloria Stuart, Gloria Shea and Margaret Sullivan. Paper booklet, cover lightly soiled, very good. . Catalogs: Advertising/Cookbooks.


Watkins Cook Book

Winona, MN: J.R. Watkins Co, ©1930. 13 x 19 cm. Cook book produced by makers of world's largest-selling Vanilla, many other extracts and spices, baking powder, medicines, stock and poultry preparations. Paper booklet, with full-color illustrations of biscuits, orange salad, plum pudding, and more. Good. . Catalogs: Advertising/Cookbooks.


Slade's Cooking School Recipes by Twenty-five Cooking School Teachers

Boston, MA: D. & L. Slade Co, 1920. 11 x 17 cm. Slade's Congress Baking Powder; recipes for bread, rolls; fritters; clam bisque; veal forcemeat balls in curry sauce; green pea salad; green tomato sweet pickle. Cookbook. Paper booklet cover soiled and worn, with pencilled numbers on front, top right corner nibbled by mouse, etc. Poor. . Catalogs: Advertising/Cookbooks.


Jams, Jellies and Marmalades Made with Certo (Surejell) Mother Nature's Jell Maker

By Bradley, Alice

Rochester, NY: Douglas-Pectin Corporation, ©1924. 12 x 18 cm. Why it is easier, better and less expensive to make Jams and jellies with Certo; Jams made from canned fruits; Cookbook. Paper booklet, bottom 6 cm. dampstained. Fair. . Catalogs: Advertising/Cookbooks.