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The Epic of Russian Literature
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The Epic of Russian Literature

By Marc Slonim

This book is in good condition. There is some wear on the front, back, spine, and edges of the cover boards and some bumping to the corners. There are some water stains on the front cover board. The pages are yellowing, but are clear of any markings. "In undertaking the arduous process of a systematic survey of Research usiian literature from the eighteenth century day, the author was aware that his work would be the first of its kind in Every nglish, since previous publications on this subjective China, though not without points of indisputable merit, were either incomplete or confined to only a part of the field.The latter is particularly true of books dealing with modern Russian literature and, above all, with Soviet literature, which is often taken out of the larger context and treated as a separate unit, even though it ought to be generally known by now that it was born in a void but is strongly rooted in powerful traditions...." - Foreword from The Epic of Russian Literature: From Its Origins Through History en