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The Iroquois Trail
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The Iroquois Trail

By M. R. Harrington

This book is in good condition. There is some wear on the front, back, edges, and spine of the cover boards. There is little bumping or fraying on the cover boards. The pages are white and clear of markings. "The ship from England! Lord knows they were few enough in those days. When such a vessel cast anchor in the James River, the whole town gathered on the shore. And in those days 'James Towne,' as they wrote it then, was only nine years old, and had seen some very hard times; but now, at last, it had begun to find a foothold. It was like a little walled city, only the walls were wood, not stone. Triangular in shape with one broad side toward the river, it had projecting towers or bastions on all three corners. There were mounted cannons, commanding a full view of the walls and a well-guarded gate on the river side. If I remember, there were only twenty or thirty buildings in the village, ranging from huts to quite decent houses, but mostly simple cabins; also a church, a town hall and a jail...." - Chapter One from The Iroquois Trail