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The Expansion of the Anglican Communion
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The Expansion of the Anglican Communion

By The Rev. John Higgins, M.A., B.D.

This book is in good condition. There is some wear on the front, back, edges, and spine of the cover boards. There is some bumping and fraying on the cover boards. The pages are yellowing and tanning, but the pages are clear of any markings. "The churches of the Anglican Communion owe their particular expression of Christianity to the historic church in Britain and England, to which land the Christian faith came some time in the second century. The new religion spread rapidly from its center at Jerusalem, and the persecutions to which it was subjected had not only the effect of making it stronger but also of dispersing it more rapidly. Britain had been conquered by the Romans in 44 A.D. and Roman rule meant that the trade routes were kept open. Perhaps traders from Gaul or merchants from the Mediterranean first told the story of the Cross to the uncouth Britons...." - from The Expansion of the Anglican Communion