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The Reign of Charles V
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The Reign of Charles V

By William S Maltby

This book is in very good + condition. There is little wear on the front, back, edges, and spine of the coverboards. There is no bumping or fraying on the coverboards. The pagoes are crisp, white, and clear of any markings. "The child who would become the Emperor Charles V was born in the Prinsenhof at Ghent on 24 February, 1500. The building itself has long since been destroyed. The boy's parentage - if he survived to adulthood in that age of high infant mortality - guaranteed him an exalted position, but there was no way to predict that by the age of 21 he would rule much of the known world. That outcome was the result not merely of his own survival, but of a series of tragedies within his family. Genealogy makes poor reading, but the reign of Charles V cannot be understood without it. Every-thing he had or would become was his by heredity, and marital politics formed by the basis of his rule...." - Chapter One from The Reign of Charles V