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Better Badminton
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Better Badminton

By Carl H. Jackson and Lester A. Swan

This book is in good condition. There is some wear on the front, back, edges, and spine of the cover boards. The pages are yellowing, and tanning, but the pages are clear of any markings. "Badminton in this country presents an interesting case of 'arrested development.' The game is of course a direct lineal descendant of battledore and shuttlecock. Its origin is therefore traceable to India, but its name comes from England--from Badminton, county seat of the Duke of Beaufort. The actual connection between Badminton and the game as played today, or its importance in the history of the sport, is not clear. The name, in any event, has stuck. The game was introduced into New York in 1878 by two gentlemen, one returning from India and the other from England. In spite of the fact that the club founded by them has remained in existence ever since (it is the oldest badminton club in the world with a continued existence), the game remained relatively obscure in this country until its renaissance in recent years. Since this revival of interest, its growth has been rapid, until today it is one of the fastest, if not the fastest growing sport in this country...." - Introduction from Better Badminton