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Dragon Ascending
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Dragon Ascending

By Henry Kamm

This book is in very good condition. There is no wear on the front, back, edges, and spine of the coverboards. There is no bumping or fraying on the coverboards, and the pages are clear of any markings. "Heat hangs moist and heavy, making outlines tremble and shimmer. Clothes cling, and movements are gentle, gliding more than treading. Peasants in black pajamas lead their buffalo across fields of rice stubble. Women in conical hats mother their youngest while tending their vegetable patches, now and then shooing intruding hens. older children, many with a smaller brother or sister astraddle on a hip, flock round a visitor, their number growing as they follow his every step. "Hello!" they chant cheerfully, or "bye-bye!" mindless of the opposite meanings of the greetings they offer to all foreigners...." - Chapter One from Dragon Ascending