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World Almanac And Book Of Facts
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World Almanac And Book Of Facts

By Editors: Director, William A. McGeveran, Jr., Managing, Lori P. Wiesenfeld

This book is in very good condition. There is minimal wear on the covers. There is no bumping or fraying, in addition, the pages are white, crisp and clear of any markings. "The Top Ten News Stories Of 2002: The U.S. and its allies continue their war on terrorism seeking to root out members of al-Queda terror network, held responsible for the September 11 2001, attacks in which some 3,000 people were killed, and their Afghan Taliban supporters. Despite some success, the whereabouts and fate of al-Queda leader Osama bin Laden and of Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar remain unknown as of mid-Oct., and there were renewed terrorist attacks, including an Oct. 12 bombing in a tourist section of Bali, Indonesia, that killed more than 180 people...." - Chapter One from World Almanac And Book Of Facts