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The Two Kingdoms

By Whitley, Elizabeth

Edinburgh: Scottish Reformation Society, 1977. . 212 pages, paper slightly browned, edges foxed. The story of the Scottish reformers and covenanters.. Paperback. Average.


The Works of that Learned and Judicious Divine, Mr Richard Hooker (set of 2 volumes)

By Hooker, Richard

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1845. . [viii] + 631+ 842 pages, endpapers and adjacent pages foxed, cloth spine chipped, paint staining to back board of Vol 1. Life of Hooker by Isaac Walton, The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity; 7 sermons; Supplication to the Council made by Master Walter Travers with Answer by Richard Hooker.. Richard Hooker (1554-1600) was one of the most prominent Anglican theologians of all time and argued for a via media between Puritanism and Romanism.. Cloth. Average Minus.


The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent: English Translation
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The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent: English Translation

By Schroeder, Henry Joseph (translator)

Charlotte, NC, USA: TAN Books, 2011. . xxii + 298 pages. The Council of Trent (1545-1563) was Rome's answer to the Reformation, in which far from being softened, its peculiar teachings were consolidated and the teachings of the Reformers condemned. It is still the basis of Roman Catholic teaching today.. Paperback. Very Good.


Calvin's Theology and Its Reception: Disputes, Developments, and New Possibilities
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Calvin's Theology and Its Reception: Disputes, Developments, and New Possibilities

By Billings, J Todd (editor); Hesselink, I John (editor)

Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.: Westminster/John Knox Press, 2012. . xvi + 250 pages.. Paperback. Very Good.


The Works of John Knox (set of 6 volumes)

By Knox, John; Laing, David (editor)

Edinburgh: James Thin, 1895. . xliv + 564 + vii + 644 + viii + 542 + vii + 575 + 536 + lxxxvii + 755 pages, illustrated, some browning and foxing to edges, original endpapers etc. These have been rebound in maroon leather spines and corners, with orange-brown cloth boards. The leather spines have been decorated with gilt titles, volume numbers, bands and decorations in a slightly rustic manner to convey an impression of an old book. The rebind is of good but not entirely professional quality.. Half-Leather. Good.


The People's Reformation: Magistrates, Clergy and Commons in Strasbourg, 1500-1598

By Abray, Lorna Jane

Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1985. . 272 pages.. First Edition. Cloth. Good/Good.


Wesley and Luther

By Luther, Martin; Wood, Arthur Skevington

Lewes: Focus Christian Ministries Trust, 1987. . 12 pages, containing Luther's Preface to his Commentary on Romans, and Skevington Wood's account of the conversion of John Wesley while listening to the reading of Luther's preface.. Pamphlet. Good.


Beza's Icones: Contemporary Portraits of Reformers of Religion and Letters: Being Facsimile Reproductions of the Portraits in Beza's Icones (1580) and in Goulard's Edition (1581), with Introduction and Biographies by C G McCrie

By Beza, Theodore; McCrie, Charles Greig

London: Religious Tract Society, 1906. . xvi + 249 pages, embossed (presumably imitation-) vellum covered boards, discoloured/stained and with spine slightly creased. 49 (+ 2) portraits, with biographical articles. A larger format with wider page borders than in a later printing. Prize label of the Free Church of Scotland's Welfare of Youth Scripture Examination, presented to Cameron M Mackay in 1907.. Hard Cover. Average.


The Church-History of Britain; from the Birth of Jesus, untill the Year MDCXLVIII [1648]

By Fuller, Thomas

London: Printed for Iohn Williams at the Signe of the Crown in St Paul's Church-yard, 1656. . [30] + 1-154; plate of seals of mitred abbeys; 155-171; remainder (3rd book onwards) renumbered in pen long ago; however by comparison with library records of Wing F2417, and the EEBO Text Creation Project transcription of the first printing, original numbering appears likely to be roughly as follows, give or take the odd single misnumbered page: [9], double page plate of seals of knights joined with monks of Ely by William the Conqueror; 1-119; [7]; 129-176; 2 plates of Lichfield Cathedral; 177-200; 152, 154-156; [6]; 163-191; 190; 193-255; [4]; 260-371; [3]; 375-377; [1]; 371-375, 384-427; [9], 1-235; [9]; 1-25, 28, 27-114; [2]; 115, 115, [2], 117-119, 108-109, 122-150, 152, 152, 143, 154-180, 182, 182-238. Despite the confusing and obliterated pagination, it appears that the text of this book is complete, though I have not ascertained whether further illustration plates were called for in this printing beyond the 4/5 (including 1 double page) which I have noted here. There are other occasional corrections or annotations in very old handwriting and spelling, likely by the same person who attempted to renumber the pages. Professionally and sturdily rebound in recent years in a lovely green half leather with gilt bands and black leather title label. Paper in nice condition. 14 x 9¼ x 2¼ inches.. Second Printing. Half-Leather. Good Plus.


The Reformation in Scotland

By Knox, John

Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1982. . 364 pages. Knox's own writing seems rather more interesting than M'Crie's biography of him.. Paperback. Good.


The Reformation in England (set of 2 volumes)

By D'Aubigne, J H Merle (D'Aubigné)

London: Banner of Truth Trust, 1972. . 476 + 507 pages plus photographs. Dust jackets damaged, edges a bit foxed, extremities rubbed.. Cloth. Average/Average Minus.


John Knox: The Sharpened Sword (Trail Blazers)

By Mackenzie, Catherine

Tain: Christian Focus Publications, 2012. . 171 pages.. Paperback. Good.


Protestant Telegraph: Vol 6, No 20: 1st-21st April 1972 (INCOMPLETE)

By Protestant Telegraph

Belfast: Puritan Printing Co Ltd, 1972. . PAGES 1-2, 5-8, 11-12. The sheet containing pages 3-4, 9-10 is missing. Original 1972 Protestant newspaper, with the two sheets present in good condition.. Pamphlet. Poor.


Reformation: The Dangerous Birth of the Modern World

By Reid, Harry

Edinburgh: Saint Andrew Press, 2010. . xlviii + 399 pages.. Paperback. Good.


Robert Grosseteste: Scholar and Bishop: Essays in Commemoration of the Seventh Centenary of his Death

By Callus, Daniel Angelo (editor)

Oxford: Clarendon Press (Oxford University Press), 1955. . xxv + 263 pages, 2 plates. Contents: 1) Robert Grosseteste as Scholar (Callus); 2) The Biblical Scholar (Beryl Smalley); 3) Grosseteste's Position in the History of Science (A C Crombie); 4) Library of Robert Grosseteste (Richard William Hunt); 5) Grosseteste's Administration of the Diocese of Lincoln (J H Strawley); 6) Grosseteste's Relations with the Papacy and the Crown (William Abel Pantin); Appendices. Withdrawn from Glasgow University's Divinity Library.. Cloth. Average.


John Knox and the Reformation

By Lang, Andrew

London: Longmans, Green, and Co, 1905. . xiv + 281 pages. Top two inches of spine torn away from front cover and rest of spine, a much smaller amount of cloth from both top and bottom of spine missing or damaged. Ex City of Leeds Public Libraries (very old bookplate and embossed stamps), the Library having acquired it in the year of publication.. Cloth. Average.


Calvin: Life and Times

By Lawson, Thomas

London: W Wileman, 1900. . 157 pages, illustrated, covers faded and a bit stained.. Cloth. Average.


Calvinism in Europe, 1540-1610: A Collection of Documents
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Calvinism in Europe, 1540-1610: A Collection of Documents

By Duke, Alastair (editor); Lewis, Gillian (editor); Pettegree, Andrew (editor)

Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1997. . ix + 246 pages. This is a book of extracts from original sources, and is, somewhat confusingly, a different book to the editors' "Calvinism in Europe: 1540-1620" which is a collection of essays by a variety of modern authors.. Hard Cover. Good/Good.


John Knox: An Account of the Development of His Spirituality (Devotional Library)

By Sefton, Henry R; Knox, John

Edinburgh: Saint Andrew Press, 1993. . ix + 124 pages, paper a bit browned. 40 pages biographical, 60 pages extracts from Knox's writings.. First Edition. Paperback. Good.


History of the Protestants of France: From the Commencement of the Reformation to the Present Time (set of 2 volumes)

By De Félice, Guillaume

London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1853. . xliv + 373 + xii + 339 pages plus catalogue, professionally rebound in recent years with original cloth laid to front and back boards; spines black with gilt lettering and bands; paper a bit browned and with occasional foxing and grubby finger marks. This is the translation (presumably from the First Edition) by "E.W" of Amersham. Scarce except for print-on-demand reprints. Guillaume de Félice (1803-1871) was a Reformed Church pastor in France and professor of theology at Montauban, also known for his leading role in the French abolition of slavery, provoked by his ministry near the slave port of Le Havre.. Cloth. Good.


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