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Private Prayer: Our Urgent Priority

By Brooks, Thomas

Bathgate: My Soul Concern, 2018. . 18 pages, an excerpt from The Private Key to Heaven, currently in print as The Secret Key to Heaven: The Vital Importance of Private Prayer. Multiple copies available, please ask.. Pamphlet. New.


Effective Prayer

By Spurgeon, Charles Haddon

Belfast: Ambassador Productions, 1988. . 104 pages, small print, edges foxed. The Golden Key of Prayer; The Raven's Cry; Order and Argument in Prayer; Pleading; The Throne of Grace; Prayer Certified of Success; Ejaculatory Prayer; Ask and Have.. Paperback. Average.


Twelve Sermons on Prayer

By Spurgeon, Charles Haddon

Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1978. . 152 pages.. Paperback. Good.


A Form of Prayer, and a New Collection of Psalms,: For the Use of a Congregation of Protestant Dissenters in Liverpool

By Anonymous [Seddon, John; Holland, Philip; Godwin, Richard]

United States: Palala Press, 2016. . 96 + [20] + 165 + [7] pages, internally a print-on-demand reproduction of the original 1763 edition. I am not clear whether or not the authors of the so-called "Liverpool Liturgy" were Unitarians. Apparently it was used at the Octagon Chapel in Liverpool, having been designed for a wider usage. The 150 so-called Psalms, though some appear to be based upon the Bible's "Book of Psalms", are not consistently so, indeed some are familiar as hymns in other contexts; they occasionally refer to "the Saviour" or "Immanuel" but not to "Jesus" or "Christ".. Hard Cover. Very Good.


When Grace Comes Alive: Living Through the Lord's Prayer
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When Grace Comes Alive: Living Through the Lord's Prayer

By Johnson, Terry

Tain: Christian Focus Publications, 2003. . 267 pages. Paper a bit browned.. Paperback. Average.


Praying the Saviour's Way: Let Jesus' Prayer Reshape Your Prayer Life
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Praying the Saviour's Way: Let Jesus' Prayer Reshape Your Prayer Life

By Thomas, Derek

Tain: Christian Focus Publications, 2002. . 144 pages.. Paperback. Good.


Through the Prayer Book: An Exposition

By Hague, Dyson

London: Church Book Room Press Ltd, 1948. . "... of its teaching and language: the origins and contents of its services: with special reference to the more recent features of the Canadian Prayer Book." . xii + 399 pages. Edges foxed.. Cloth. Average/Average.


The Praying Christ: A Study of Jesus' Doctrine and Practice of Prayer

By Thomson, James Grant Suttie Stewart

London: Tyndale Press, 1959. . 155 pages.. First Edition. Cloth. Average/Average Minus.


The Eagle Handbook of Bible Prayers

By Manser, Martin; Beaumont, Mike

Trowbridge: Eagle Publishing, 2002. . 318 pages, paper browned. "Alll the Prayers in the Bible" (from the NIV) "with their teaching and background".. Hard Cover. Average/Average.


New Parish Prayers

By Colquhoun, Frank

London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1982. . 270 pages.. First Edition. Hard Cover. Average/Average.


Prayers for All the Family

By Botting, Michael (editor)

Eastbourne: Kingsway Publications, 1995. . 184 pages. Spine faded.. Paperback. Average.


Prayers for Use at the Alternative Services

By Silk, David

Oxford: Mowbray, 1986. . 163 pages, edges foxed.. Revised Edition. Hard Cover. Average/Average.


Prayers for Today's Church

By Williams, Dick (editor)

London: CPAS Publications, 1972. . 486 items, selected from various authors and sources. Edges foxed.. First Edition. Hard Cover. Average.


A Chain of Prayer Across the Ages: Forty Centuries of Prayer, 2000 B.C - A.D. 1955

By Fox, Selina Fitzherbert (compiler)

London: John Murray, 1956. . xx + 333 pages, edges foxed, dustjacket torn.. Seventh Edition. Hard Cover. Average/Average Minus.



By Hallesby, Ole

London: Inter-Varsity Fellowship, 1951. . 137 pages. Foxed. Dust jacket present but incomplete.. Hard Cover. Average Minus.


With Christ in the School of Prayer

By Murray, Andrew

London: Pickering & Inglis Ltd, 1953. . "Thoughts on our Training for the Ministry of Intercession". 249 pages, including 19 on George Muller and the secret of his power in prayer. . Hard Cover. Average/Average Minus.


The Prayers of the New Testament

By Coggan, Donald

London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1967. . 190 pages, edges heavily foxed. A commentary on prayers in the New Testament.. First Edition. Hard Cover. Average Minus/Average Minus.


Brushing Up on Believing: A Fresh Look at Basic Christianity and Prayer

By Brown, Shelagh; Reid, Gavin

London: Bible Reading Fellowship, 1991. . ix + 115 pages. Top edges foxed, small stain to fore edges.. First Edition. Paperback. Average.


The Alternative Service Book 1980 Desk Edition Red imitation leather ASB194: With Psalter

By Church of England

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990. . 1296 pages, good sized print, in slipcase.. Hard Cover. Good.


Healing Church Divisions

By Durham, James; Tallach, Ian R

Bathgate: My Soul Concern, 2019. . 50 pages, an address by the late Ian R Tallach "James Durham on Schism" (20 pages), followed by a lightly edited extract from Durham's "Treatise Concerning Scandal" (26 pages).. Pamphlet. New.


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