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Middle English Literature 1100-1400 (Oxford History of English Literature Vol 1)
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Middle English Literature 1100-1400 (Oxford History of English Literature Vol 1)

By Bennett, Jack Arthur Walter; Gray, Douglas

Oxford: Clarendon Press (Oxford University Press), 1990. . xi + 496 pages. Chapters: 1) Pastoral and Comedy; 2) Verse, Didactic and Homiletic; 3) Layamon; 4) History in Verse; 5) Romances; 6) The Poems of the Gawain Manuscript; 7) Prose; 8) Lyrics; 9) Gower; 10) Langland.. Cloth. Good Plus/Good.


Von Trost und Kraft des Heiligen Geistes: Eine Auselegung Luthers zum Evangelium am Pfingsttag

By Luther, Martin

Bad Salzuflen: M B K Verlag GMBH, 1936. . 14 pages.. Pamphlet. Average.


Martin Luther und die Grundlegung der Reformation: Festschrift der Stadt Berlin

By Von Harnack, Adolf

Berlin: Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, 1917. . 64 pages, card covers, paper spine missing.. Paperback. Average Minus.


Didache eller De Tolv Apostlarnas Lära: En Skrift från Fornkristen Tid: Översatt från Grekiskan

By Dahlstöm, Göran (translator)

Örebro: Ö M:s Forlag, 1958. . 24 pages. Swedish translation of the early church document the Didache.. Pamphlet. Good.


Confesion de Fe de Westminster y Catecismo Menor

By Westminster Assembly

Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1972. . 117 pages.. Spiral. Average.


Reformationen i Europa på Calvins Tid (set of 2 volumes containing parts 1 -7)

By D'Aubigne, J H Merle (D'Aubigné); Nyström, Erik (translator)

Stockholm: P Palmquists Aktiebolag, 1879. . xvi + 347 + 437 + 184 + 180 + 240 + 176 + 283 pages, red cloth spines and corners (one corner missing), orange-brown paper boards. Books 1-7 printed 1874 to 1879 and bound together in two volumes. It appears the remaining Books 8-16 (included in the 8 volumes as issued in English) may not have been issued in Swedish translation.. Hard Cover. Average.


Calvinus Sacrae Scripturae Professor: Calvin as Confessor of Holy Scripture
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Calvinus Sacrae Scripturae Professor: Calvin as Confessor of Holy Scripture

By Neuser, Wilhelm H (editor)

Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1994. . xiv + 277 pages. Papers given at the 4th International Congress on Calvin Research, Grand rapids, 1990 by James de Jong, James Torrance, Paul Rorem, Richard Gamble, Heiko Oberman, Richard Hörcsik, Cornelis Augustijn, Luke Anderson, John Hesselink, Francis Higman, Nobuo Watanabe, Irena Backus, Adroianus Pont, Jeffrey Watt (in English); Wilhelm Neuser, Erik de Boer, Kwang-Woong Yu (in German); Mitsuru Shimura (in French).. Paperback. Good.


Johann Calvin: Eine Biographie

By McGrath, Alister E; Burkhardt, Gabriele (translator)

Zurich: Benziger, 1991. . 404 pages, top edges a bit browned.. Hard Cover. Good/Good.


Johann Albrecht Bengel: Ein Schüler und Meister der Schrift (Unsere Geistlichen Ahnen: Heft 1)

By Keller, Wilhelm

Stuttgart: Evang. Missionsverlag G.m.b.H., 1949. . 16 pages, gothic type, paper browned, the first of a series followed by pamphlets on Ludwig Hofacker, Evan Tiele-Winckler, and Mathilda Wrede.. Pamphlet. Average.


L'État Chrétien Calviniste à Genève au Temps de Théodore de Bèze

By Choisy, Eugène

Geneva: Ch. Eggimann & Cie, 1902. . 620 + x pages, professionally rebound in sturdy brown cloth with gilt titles to spine. Parts 1 and 2 describe history from the period from 1560 to 1605, followed by Part 3 on the distinctive characteristics of the Christian state of Geneva, and Part 4 on Calvinism as the spirit of the Christian state of Geneva in its outworkings in society and doctrine. This copy appears to be undated.. Cloth. Good Plus.


Dop eller Wederdop? Tolf Föredrag öfwer Det heliga Dopets Sakrament med serskilt afseende på Baptismen, hållna i Sundswall, Hernösand och Flerstädes

By Linde, Johan Peter

Sundswall: Boktryckeri-Aktie-Bolaget, 1880. . 249 pages. Johan Peter Linde (1847-1918) was a Lutheran preacher at Sundsvall at the time of publication, and later pastor at Krokek.. Half-Leather. Average.


The Place-Names of North Devonshire

By Blomé, Bertil

Uppsala: Appelbergs Boktryckeri Aktiebolag, 1929. . xx + 189 pages, covers a bit tattered. Etymology of many hundreds of place names arranged by Hundred and Parish. Ph D inagural dissertation at the University of Uppsala in May 1929.. Paperback. Average.


Geschichte Der Kirche Christi: Vol 5 (only, of 5)

By Milner, Joseph; Milner, Isaac (editor)

Gnadau: Evangelische Brüder-Unität, 1828. . 602 pages. Vol 5 covers the period from 1519 to the Diet of Augsburg in 1530, at which point the projected work of the Milners apparently ceased. These volumes were published by the Moravian evangelical church in Gnadau near Magdeburg in east-central Germany, and also sold by the bookshop at the Halle Orphan House, and by P G Kummer in Leipzig, all within 75 miles of one another.. Second Edition. Hard Cover. Average.


Geschichte Der Kirche Christi: Vol 4 (only, of 5)

By Milner, Joseph; Milner, Isaac (editor)

Gnadau: [Evangelische Brüdergemeine], 1822. . lxv + 565 pages. The largest item in the preliminary material is a biography of the author. Vol 4 covers the beginning of the 16th century (1500s), up to the debate betwen Luther and Eck at Leipzig in 1519. . Second Edition. Hard Cover. Average.


Den Svenska Psalmen

By Arvastson, Allan

Falköping: Gleerups, 1963. . 250 pages, a history of worship song in Sweden, perhaps primarily of hymnody rather than the use of the Biblical book of Psalms. It appears that the word psalm has this wider signification in the Swedish language.. Hard Cover. Good/Average.


Martyrernas Historia: En Skildring af Förföljelserna mot Kristna Trosvittnen under Olika Tider: Samlade från de Bästa Offentliga och Enskilda Källskrifter

By Foxe, John; Bergström, Gustaf (translator)

Stockholm: Fröléen & Comp., 1895. . 960 pages, illustrated; later rebinding by Wilh. Johansons Eftr. Bokbinderi, Uppsala; original decorative front cover is placed before title page; some foxing, a few pages trimmed smaller, and one page has old browned (prevously clear) tape over the edge of the text.. Cloth. Average. Illus. by Sjöberg, Axel.


John G. Paton - Missionar auf den neuen Hebriden. Eine Selbstbiographie

By Paton, John G

Leipzig: H G Wallmann, 1920. . 340 pages, spine missing. Undated 5th edition of E v St.'s translation based on the 5th edition of the original.. Hard Cover. Average Minus.


Susanna: Mutter der Wesleys

By Harmon, Rebecca L; Roessle, Julius (translator)

Konstanz: Christliche Verlagsanstalt, 1970. . 116 pages, German language translation of "Susanna, Mother of the Wesleys.". Cloth. Good/Average Plus.


Brevet til de Romere, til Oppbyggelse i Tro og Gudelighed: udlagt af C. O. Rosenius: Forste Del

By Rosenius, Carl Olof; Dick, Christian (translator)

Stockholm: A L Norman, 1867. . 642 pages, Vol 1 of what apears to be a Danish Language translation of a Swedish commentary on Romans (chapters 1 to 8). Carl Olof Rosenius (1816-1868) was a pietist Lutheran from Sweden, the translator Christian Dick (1815-1882) was from Norway but also did some translation into Danish of which this appears to be an example.. Half-Leather. Average.


Das Neue Testament Unsers Herrn und Heilandes Jesu Christi nach der Übersetzung D. Martin Luthers

By New Testament, German

Stuttgart: Privilegierte Württembergische Bibelanstalt, 1947. . 309 + 72 pages plus various helps. This edition of Luther's New Testament and Psalms has been revised according to the text approved by the German Protestant Church Committee, i.e. is no longer a Textus Receptus translation.. Cloth. Good.


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