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Reflections of a Woman My Memoir of Breast Cancer Loss, Love and Laughter
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Reflections of a Woman My Memoir of Breast Cancer Loss, Love and Laughter

By Tugnette, Lisa

Booksurge Llc, 2008. Book. Fine. Paperback. 187pp. Clean nicely bound copy. Unmarked pages. Secure boxed packaging! When Lisa Tugnette was diagnosed with breast cancer on the same day as her mother, she became the fourth woman in three generations of her family to face the cruel disease. In the months that followed, she lost both of her breasts, and, as a result, suffered from depression and crippling self-doubt about her femininity and sexuality. She writes candidly about her physical loss and fear, all the while reflecting upon her deepened appreciation for life, the effect of the illness on her family, and the strength she drew from other survivors. o3.


Rival Passion

By Delano, Janet

Niagara on the Lake: The Sunshine Publishing Company, 1996. Book. Very Good. Paperback. Clean nicely bound copy. Pages unmarked. inscription from the pubisher on the half title page. From the back cover. "In 2082 the world is no longer able to enjoy luxuries it had grown accustomed to. Warring rival fighters compete for dominance over quadrants or blocks of old cities. They are protected by their leaders and elite fighters. Two groups battles for for supremacy. Toranna Quad, and Wong Chey. Both are sworn to their cause. Yet through understanding and respect, two warriors learn that sometimes risks must be taken before a better future can be forged. Jenna- A beasutiful and skilled commander and street fighter for the Toranna Quad, she learned that love can be found and trusted in spite of all the difficulties she has had in her past. Shiano-A weapons expert and warrior in his prime, he becomes aware of how things could be better for the Wong Chey. He must make a decision that could effect the lives of thousands. The future joins two rivals, in danger and passion." h3.