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Contemporary Jazz Rock Rhythms.

By Chesky David

Music for all Treble Clef Instruments. Contents: Rhythm Patterns, Swing [Rock] Eighths, Jazz Rock Sixteenths. 60pp's published Charles Colin NY c1978. Condition VG+


Contemporary Jazz Rock Patterns Vol.1

By Chesky David

Music for all Treble Clef Instruments. Contents include: Patterns using 4ths, 5ths, 3rds, Diminished Patterns Augmented Chords Triad Patterns etc. 65 pp's published by Charle Colin NY.c1980. Condition VG+


Contemporary Jazz Studies Vol. 1

By Berger David

For all Treble Clef Instruments. A book of etudes showing how a simple idea can be built into complex harmonies for fun and improvement . Contains introduction and Foreword. 10 studies and 72 pages. Published by Charles Colin NY Condition: VG


Jazz Workshop: The Blues
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Jazz Workshop: The Blues

By Graham Collier

Universal Edition (London) Ltd, Paperback (c)1988. Paperback in VG condition with many musical examples and illustrations of Jazz Musicians