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Pipers Progress

By Radon Walter

Elkin & Co. A book of Graded Pieces for Pipes . Dedicated for the Danish National Branch of The Pipers' Guild . Separate part for Treble or Alto Pipe . Various settings in a full size Score with pieces arranged for combinations of Treble, Tenor, Alto and Bass Pipes. Condition: Sound and clean throughout.


May I Have the Pleasure?: Story of Popular Dancing

By Quirey Belinda

BBC Books. Very Good. With black and white illustrations and pictures tracing the history of popular dance from our roots through the centuries to the 1970's with table to show the development of dance form through 9 centuries.


Bach. The Passions Book 1

By Terry Charles Sanford.

OUP. Very Good. The Musical Pilgrim Series edited by Dr. Arthur Somervell. An 'in depth' look at some of Bach's works . Book 1 covers the period 1723-25


French-Canadian Folk Tunes

By Rowland Edith

Cramer. Very Good. Music arranged for treble pipes in unison or two part with piano accompaniment. Published under the auspices of the Pipers' Guild.


Crescendo International. Magazine

By Magazine

The musicians' viewpoint. Published March 1978, Volume 16 No. 8. News, reviews, hints, music [mostly Jazz orientated] Featured in this issue. Toots Thielemans, Jon Eardley, Eberhard Weber, Dick Wellstood etc. Condition v.g.


Musical Games for little ones.

By Griffiths E.C. [collected]

Evans Brothers.. 32 pp's of practical exercises in games and dancing for classes of young children. The author states that he has tested with large classes of children every example given in the book. Singing, dancing and rhythmic exercise games with charming pen and ink


Make your own music.

By MacMahon D.

Leeds Music. Performers book. A collection of 24 songs with 'home-spun' orchestral accompaniments, all age groups or individual singing and playing. c1952 Condition Very good.