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By Calace Raffaele

Raffaele Calace. Very Good. Sheet Music Arranged for Mandolin and Piano. Score and separate part



By Calace Raffaele

Raffaele Calace. Fair. Arranged for Mandolin and Piano with Guitar. Sheet Music Score and separate parts



By Giandolfi Salvatore

Napoli. Good +. Waltz for Mandolin and Piano: This is an early publication [?pre-1900] plated. The cover is poor at the fold and repaired but internally is Very good. 8 pages. Sheet Music


Rapsodia Napoletana

By Calace Raffaele

Jujiya Gakkiten Japan. Very Good. Opus 66: For Mandolin and Piano: Sheet Music Separate Parts


Nuit Etoilee

By Poppi Fernando

J.E.Dallas. Good +. No. 184 Dallas Mandolinist Series: Arranged for Mandolin with parts for 2nd Madolin , Tenor and Bass Mandola and Banjo with accompaniment for Guitar or Piano. Sheet Music.


Mazurka Polacca

By Calace Raffaele

Cav Raffaele Calace. Very Good +. Opus 52: For Mandolin and Piano. Score and part. Sheet Music


William Tell

By Rossini

London Music Publishing Stores. Very Good. Sheet Music Arranged by Arthur Stanley for one or two Mandolins with accompaniment for Piano, Guitar or Banjo



By Trouselle Josef

Turner. Good +. Music for Mandolin and Piano. No covers a minor repair at page edges but clean. Sheet Music [no separate part]


World Famous Songs for the Ukulele

By Hill Paul

Francis Day and Hunter. Very Good +. 14 tunes arranged by Paul Hill with Words, music, Chord Symbols and Ukulele Diagrams. Published 1968


5 Minute Ukulele Course

By Anon

Campbell, Connelly and Co.. Very Good +. Illustrated Simplified Self Teaching Method for the Mandolin. Small booklet. No confusing notes or keys to learn Just follow a few easy directions. Including some 'popular' favourites. A treasure from perhaps 1920's


Show Boat Selection

By Kern Jerome

Chappell and Co.. Fair. Arranged for Mandolin by Emile Grimshaw: Parts for madoline, 2nd mandolin and piano. Sheet Music



By Ellis Herbert J

John Alvey Turner. Good +. No. 39 Turner's Mandolinist Series: Arranged as a solo with 2nd Mandoline part and Guitar or Piano Accompaniment: Parts for each arrangement.


Black Bess

By Ellis Herbert J

John Alvey Turner. Good +. No 41 Turners Banjo Budget Series: With arrangement as a Banjo solo or optional 2nd Banjo or Piano


Les Fantomes en Fetes

By G.B. Marchisio

John Alvey Turner. Very Good. Op.33 No. 183 Turners Mandolinist: Composed as a solo for Mandolin with Piano Accompaniment: Sheet Music.


Magnolia Waltz

By Morley Joe

Clifford Essex. Fair. Arranged for Mandolin or Banjo Solo or optional 2nd Banjo or Piano: Sheet Music Separate parts


How to Play the Mandolin

By Pietro Mario De

Keith Prowse. Very Good +. The First Step series.Comprehensive tutor for Banjo with good diagrams showing how to hold the instrument and keyboard charts for fingering. Exercises and tunes.All in this 32 page booklet published in 1928.


Songs Without Words

By Mendelssohn

E Ascherberg and Co.. Very Good +. No. 10 Spring Song [Fruhlingshed] Sheet Music Arranged for Piano and Mandolin by G.B. Marchisio: Score and separate part


Cappriccio di Concerto

By Arniezo V

Edizioni Ditta R Maurri. Good +. Arranged for 2 Mandolin , Mandola and Piano: Sheet Music Separate Parts



By Distin Theodore Junr

Reeder and Walsh. Very Good. Mandolin solo with Piano: Separate parts. Sheet Music


Melodie in E Minor

By Saint-Saens

J.E. Dallas. Fair. Sheet music for the Mandolin. Music showing 1st 2nd Mandolin and guitar with parts for and 3rd Mandolin and Mandola. Dallas Mandolinist No. 4.


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