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Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini Canones, et Decreta cum citationibus ex utroq. Testamento, & Iuris Pontificij Constitutionibus, aliisque S.R.E. Concil. ab Horatio Lucio Calliensi I.C. & Modoetiae Archipresb. Collectis...

By Calliensi, Horatio Lucio

Bassani (Bassano del Grappa): Jo. Antonium Remondium. Good Plus. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Printed early 17th century; (16), 308, (42), 72pp, 1 plate showing the resurrection of Christ. Title page has ink and blind-stamp from St. Michael's Monastery in Hoboken, New Jersey (founded in 1864 and closed in 1981). Bound in vellum (somewhat soiled and spotted, front joint is broken with some loss of spine, small amount of worming in first few pages. The Council of Trent lasted from 1545 to 1563 was the 19th ecumenical council held by the Catholic Church. Its main object was the definitive determination of the doctrines of the Church in answer to the heresies of the Protestants; a further object was the execution of a thorough reform of the inner life of the Church by removing the numerous abuses that had developed in it. It also developed a list of books and authors prohibited by the Church titled Index Librorum Prohibitorum. "When printing was invented in the fifteenth century the Church, apprehending the threat to her domination over thought and belief, endeavoured to intensify her control over books, and in 1557 the Inquisition under Pope Paul IV drew up the first Index Librorum Prohibitorum." (Craig, Banned Books of England, pp.18-19). This list was updated several times and this edition contains the original list plus appendices. Included in this list are Martin Luther, Gerard Mercator, Philipp Melancthon, and Niccolo Machiavelli.