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Banquet : Ten Courses to Harmony

By Annette Shun Wah

Sydney: Doubleday, 1999. Book in really great shape, very little use apparent, 207 crispy pp, over 500g. Annette Shun Wah (born 26 March 1958) is a prominent figure in the Australian media, but particularly in television, film and radio. Shun Wah was born in Cairns, Queensland of Chinese ancestry. Shun Wah has been a long-serving food critic for the Sydney Morning Herald. Banquet is a celebration of Chinese food in Australia including history, recipes, anecdotes and great photos. (there's a wealth more info on the streetfood blog) . 1st. Card Cover. Excellent/None issued.


A Cook's Tour in Search of the Perfect Meal

By Bourdain, Anthony

UK: Bloomsbury, 2001. 274pp & less than 500g to post. Anthony Bourdain, life-long line cook and bestselling author of Kitchen Confidential, sets off to eat his way around the world. But being Anthony Bourdain, this was never going to be a conventional culinary tour. Bourdain heads out to Saigon where he eats the still-beating heart of a live cobra, and travels deep into land-mined Khmer Rouge territory to find the rumoured Wild West of Cambodia (Pailin). Other stops include dining with gangsters in Russia, a medieval pig slaughter and feast in northern Portugal, the Basque All Male Gastronomique Society in Saint Sebastian, rural Mexico with his Mexican sous-chef, a pilgrimage to the French Laundry in the Napa Valley and a return to his roots in the tiny fishing village of La Teste, where he first ate an oyster as a child. Written with the inimitable machismo and humour that has made Tony Bourdain such a sensation, A Cook's Tour is an enjoyable culinary adventure.. Soft Cover. Very Good/None issued. 24 Cm.


The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet: Book 2

By Noakes, Manny; Clifton, Peter

Australia: Penguin, 2006. The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet: Book 2 by Noakes, Manny; Clifton, Peter. 230pp & over 500g to post. Published by Penguin Group Australia, Camberwell, Vic, Australia (2006) Following on from the phenomenal success of The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, comes Book 2 of the diet. This companion volume provides everything you need to keep on track with your healthy new lifestyle: a summary of the essential principles of the diet; over 80 delicious new recipes, together with healthy ideas for taking your lunch to work and tips on eating out; and a simple, 'do anywhere' exercise program. As with any complete wellbeing program, exercise is a key factor. Book 2 introduces an exercise program designed to assist and encourage the most resistant people off the couch, with simple and easy-to-follow exercises. Answering all the questions from Book 1's success including how appropriate is the diet for me and can certain foods be substituted to accommodate personal taste.. Softcover. Very Good/None issued. 23 Cm.


Ainsley's Ultimate Barbecue Bible

By Harriott, Ainsley

UK: BBC Books, 2005. 222pp & over 500g to post. Ainsley Harriott is one of the UK's all-time favourite television chefs and is also a best-selling BBC author. Barbecue Bible was an instant hit when it was released in 1997 and it continues to top the chart for barbecue books every summer. This edition of the classic title has been redesigned with a fresh contemporary look, and some of the best recipes from Ainsley's Big Cook Out have been added to turn this into the Ultimate Barbecue Bible. It will appeal to all Ainsley fans as well as anyone looking for a definitive collection of barbecue recipes. The cookbook is packed with mouth-watering dishes inspired by flavours from around the world, including a host of sensational salsas, marinades, barbecue breads and summertime drinks to complete your menu. Ainsley's Ultimate Barbecue Bible also contains revised barbecue information, practical cooking tips and themed menus to help you sizzle your way to the ultimate open air feast.. Soft Cover. Very Good/None issued. 25 Cm.


Low-fat Meals in Minutes

By Harriott, Ainsley

USA: Dorling Kindersley, 2002. 192pp & over 500g to post. Packed with 80 scrumptious low-fat recipes, from Jalapeno tiger-prawn ginger skewers to Peri peri pork medallions and lemon, Low Fat Meals in Minutes shows that low in fat does not mean low in taste. Features a special section on delicious and not-so-naughty puddings so you never have to miss out on dessert. With a tempting colour picture of every recipe and detailed nutritional notes, this collection of Ainsley's favourite low-fat dishes will enable you to lose weight without feeling like you're making any sacrifices.. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 26.5cm.


Hugh Fearlessly Eats It All: Dispatches from the Gastronomic Frontline

By Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh

UK: Bloomsbury, 2006. 288pp & less than 500g, gift inscription 1st page. Hugh would always bypass a McBurger in favour of a squirrel sandwich, or make a detour for fresh road kill - to some he is bonkers+ but to others a shining and shaggy beacon of good sense in a food world gone mad. Armed with a broad mind, a quick wit and a ready appetite, Hugh covers almost every area of global food culture. Whether singing the praises of offal; debunking Colonel Sanders and Dr. Atkins; playing 'poisson roulette' with the deadly fugu fish in Tokyo; pondering the moral inconsistency of those who condemn fox hunting for its cruelty while happily tucking into factory-farmed chicken; fishing for marlin in Kenya, trout in Chile and barracuda in the Bahamas; analysing the tea-dunking qualities of some classic British biscuits; contemplating why if piglets are destined for the pot, why aren't puppies; or reminding us that a reindeer isn't just for Christmas, but tasty all year round, Hugh has an unerring ability to entertain and provoke. 288 thought provoking pp.. Hardcover. Very Good/None issued. 24cm.


The Kitchen Garden Companion: Dig, Plant, Water, Grow, Harvest, Chop, Cook

By Alexander, Stephanie

UK: Quadrille, 2010. The Kitchen Garden Companion: Dig, Plant, Water, Grow, Harvest, Chop, Cook by Alexander is a masterwork of garden & cooking inspiration. Nearly 740 wonderfully illustrated pp with its distinctive cloth cover, heading towards 2 kilos. Stephanie Alexander Published by Quadrille Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom (2010) ISBN 10: 1844008789 ISBN 13: 9781844008780 New Hardcover Quantity Available: 10 From: The Book Depository US (London, United Kingdom) Bookseller Rating: 5-star rating Add Book to Shopping Basket Price: US$ 43.18 (A$ 59.51) Convert Currency Shipping: US$ 2.24 (A$ 3.09) From United Kingdom to Australia . Hard Cover. Excellent/Excellent. 25cm.


In Good Taste A Contemporary Approach to Cooking

By Gielisse, Victor; Kimbrough, Mary; Gielisse, Kathryn G.

USA: Prentice Hall, 1998. Over 500g & 444 crisp pp. Here's the general run through >> INTRODUCTION. Guidelines for Healthy Cooking,Dr. Scott M. Grundy, M.D., Ph.D. PART I. OUR PHILOSOPHY ON FOOD AND WINE AND THE EFFECT ON LIFESTYLES. 1. Gastronomy, the Essential Art and the Alliance of Taste and Health. 2. Wine with Food can be part of a Healthful Lifestyle. PART II. OUR RECIPE FOR A HEALTHFUL CUISINE. 3. Building the Recipe with the Essential Ingredients, from a Nutrient Perspective. 4. Special Requests: Spa, Vegetarian, and Modified Diets. PART III. NUTRITIONAL COOKING. 5. Ingredients, Flavor Enhancers, and Marinades. 6. Contemporary Cooking Methods. PART IV. THE RECIPES. 7. About Our Recipes. 8. Appetizers, Salads, and Salad Dressings. 9. Stocks, Soups, Sauces, Relishes, and Spreads. 10. Main Course Selections. 11. Vegetables, Potatoes, Grains, and Legumes. 12. Desserts, Breads, and Quick Breads. PART V. INDUSTRY ISSUES. 13. A Perspective on Genetic Engineering. 14. A Position on Marketing. APPENDIXES. Appendix A: Conversions and Equivalencies. Appendix B: Foods of the Seasons. Appendix C: Speed Scratch Sauces and Stocks. Appendix D: Diet Management Tables. Appendix E: Multicultural Food Guide Pyramids. Laminated Pictorial Boards. Excellent. 26.5cm.


Casual Entertaining (William-Sonoma Kitchen Library)

By Joyce Goldstein; Chuck Williams (ed)

Time Books International, 1998. A book on entertaining in a casual manner. Part of the Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library series. Casual Entertaining has an intro, casual ent. basics, planning menus, table settings, mapiery, floral tips & tricks & recipe section. Less than 500g & some 100+ well-illustrated pp. The ginger & orange curried chicken looks like it'll be getting my vote.. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 21.5cm.


Cordon Bleu and Constance Spry Entertaining

By Piercy, Harold, & Downes, Muriel

Octopus, 1985. Cordon Bleu and Constance Spry Entertaining by Piercy & Downes is over 500g, 160pp dedicated to Hume & Spry, very thoroughly illustrated. In this book 2 famous names in both cooking and flower arranging combined. 170 recipes, 26 menus with enticing floral arrangements, as well as the food index there is a flower index & some florists pointers.. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 28cm.


The Royal Blue and Gold Cookbook

By Marchioness of Cambridge (Dorothy Isabel Westenra Hastings)

Jupiter Books, 1974. The Royal Blue and Gold Cookbook by Marchioness of Cambridge (Dorothy Isabel Westenra Hastings) is 144pp & over 500g. This book was created before World War II as a charity project but remained unpublished until the 1970s. It has contributions from Royalty, fine London restaurants, movie stars and other celebrites of the day - this extract from 'Keeping Faith' talks about fundraising efforts & the author's involvement > Funding was of constant concern to both organizations but M the case of the Section it was a matter of taking every opportunity, however small. In 1974 the Marchioness of Cambridge, Patron of the Section's Eastern Area, produced a cookbook. Although the Marchioness had learned to cook in a hospital kitchen in the First World War the book contained recipes given to her by members of the royal family and sold well under the title `The Royal Blue and Gold Cookbook', American outlets being provided after the Marchioness had given lunch to a US ex-service contingent, demonstrating that she had marketing as well as kitchen skills. Any faults? repaired tear at lower fold point of dj.. Hardcover. Very Good/Good. 25 Cm.


Ma Cuisine

By Escoffier A.

Paul Hamlyn, 1965. 884 crisp pp, 1.2 kg, first English edition. Georges Auguste Escoffier's "My kitchen" is addressed specifically to housewives everywhere. Close to 900 pages of recipes that have revolutionized the kitchen. Georges Auguste Escoffier was considered the "king of chefs" and the "chef of kings". Doyen of haute cuisine, one of the founders of London's famed Savoy Hotel, and probably the greatest cook of all time: Auguste Escoffier occupied an unchallenged position in the realm of gastronomy. This collection of incomparable recipes--classic soups, sauces, fish and shellfish, meat, poultry, game, sandwiches, salads, vegetables, sweets, jams, and beverages--reflects a lifetime of skill and experience. Among the sublime tastes elegantly presented here: a Chicken Veloute Sauce with Cream; Sole Poached in White Wine, Butter, and Tomatoes; Hot Lobster Mousse; Fillet of Beef with Truffles and Madeira; Potatoes Nana; Chestnut Croquettes; and Meringue with Custard Cream. He modernized and codified fine dining establishments creating prestige and many recipes were later applied by other chefs. review >> A classic of 20th century French cuisine originally published in 1934 by Flammarion, with an excellent foreword by Andre Simon, and translated by none other than Oscar Wilde's son, Vyvyan Holland. dj at rear top worn, tiny tear, oh well c'est la libre.. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/excellent/Good. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall.


Banquet : Ten Courses to Harmony

By Annette Shun Wah

Sydney: Doubleday, 1999. Book in really great shape, very little use apparent, 207 crispy pp, over 500g. Annette Shun Wah (born 26 March 1958) is a prominent figure in the Australian media, but particularly in television, film and radio. Shun Wah was born in Cairns, Queensland of Chinese ancestry. Shun Wah has been a long-serving food critic for the Sydney Morning Herald. Banquet is a celebration of Chinese food in Australia including history, recipes, anecdotes and great photos. (there's a wealth more info on the streetfood blog) . 1st. Card Cover. Excellent/None issued.



By Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh

UK: Hodder and Stoughton, 2003. In this book we are given (in chronological order) the author's insights and observations on life and food as the seasons and months go past, interweaving cookery with the cycles of the natural year. These sections aren't all the book has to offer: the new volume is crammed with 100 original seasonal recipes, all beautifully detailed. The food is a mixture of the ambitious and the achievable, and looking through The River Cottage Year is a blissful experience, whether your intention is simply to dream about dishes or to actually get down to the nitty-gritty of making them. The illustrations are as tempting as anything in the text. "Some lip smackingly delicious recipes guaranteed to bring out the country girl or boy in you" Heat Wonderfully illustrated with full page colour plates. Excellent condition. review >> Worth it for the chocolate chestnut cake alone. A kilo well-packed for posting packed for posting, 256pp.. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. Illus. by Photography By Simon Wheeler. 24cm.



By David Elizabeth

Michael Joseph, 1967. Very Good/Good condition. Dustjacket unclipped, wear to edges, looks like the book was used where it should be < this refers only to the cover, inside is crispy clean.. Black and white illustrations throughout. An expansive compilation of French recipes, focusing on provincial flavours and regional differences. 519pp & over 500g to post. First published in 1962, Elizabeth David's culinary odyssey through provincial France forever changed the way we think about food. With elegant simplicity, David explores the authentic flavors and textures of time-honored cuisines from such provinces as Alsace, Provence, Brittany, and the Savoie. Full of cooking ideas and recipes, French Provincial Cooking is a scholarly yet straightforward celebration of the traditions of French regional cooking.. Reprint. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good/Good/Fair. Illus. by Juliet Renny. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


Cooking for Cats: The Best Recipes for Felix, Orlando and the Rest

By Elisabeth Meyer zu Stieghorst-Kastrup

London: DuMont Monte UK,, 2001. Would your beloved cat like a change from ready-made food? How about preparing a dish such as "Miaow Roulade" for your cat instead of the usual tinned food? In this book you will find recipes for dishes which your cat will adore, as well as all the important facts about feline nutrition, health and well-being. The dishes are easy to prepare and their ingredients include all the nutrients necessary for your cat's health. review > "I don't cook this nice for my family, but I do for my cats." Better buy it or your furniture will become a scratching post! 125 purrfect pp. Hardcover. Excellent/None issued. 23.5cm.


Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home

By Lawson, Nigella

Chatto & Windus, 2010. Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home by the talented Nigella Lawson is some 512 pages & heading towards 2 kilos. Compendious, informative and engaging, 'Kitchen' offers feel-good food for cooks and eaters that is comforting but always seductive, nostalgic but with a modern twist - whether express-way easy-exotic recipes for the weekday rush, leisurely slow-cook dishes for weekends and special occasions, or irresistible cakes and cookies in true "domestic goddess" style. It answers everyday cooking quandaries - what to give the kids for tea, how to rustle up a meal for friends or an impromptu kitchen party in moments, or what to do about those black bananas, wrinkled apples and bullet-hard plums - and since real cooking is so often about leftovers, here one recipe can morph into another...from ham hocks to pea soup and pasties, from braised chicken to Chinatown salad. This isn't just about being thrifty but about being creative and seeing how recipes evolve. As well as offering the reader a mouthwatering array of inspired new recipes - from clams with chorizo to Guinness gingerbread, from Asian braised beef to flourless chocolate lime cake, from Pasta ala Genovese to Venetian carrot cake - Nigella rounds up her kitchen kit must-haves (and, crucially, what isn't needed) in the way of equipment and magical standby ingredients. But above all, she reminds the reader how much pleasure there is to be had in real food and in reclaiming the traditional rhythms of the kitchen, as she cooks to the beat of the heart of the home, creating simple, delicious recipes to make life less complicated. The expansive, lively narrative, with its rich feast of food, makes this new work a natural 21st-century successor to Nigella's classic How To Eat, this time with a wealth of photographs from the instructive to the glorious, and accompanied by a BBC TV series. 190 recipes, including over 60 express-style at 30 minutes or under. reviewers say >>> Another magical tome from Nigella Lawson. And again, I found her wit so enjoyable that I read it like a novel. and >>> Like with her other books Kitchen is not only full to the brim with luscious recipes and inspiring photography but it’s teeming with Nigella's own seductive musings on the way we eat and prepare our food.. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 26cm.


Audrey Gordon's Tuscan Summer

By Gordon, Audrey

Hardie Grant Books, 2010. Oversized French flaps enclose the lavishly illustrated 224 pp @ just under a kilo. Join Audrey Gordon as she travels to the heart of Italy and shares the recipes, produce and memories of her Tuscan summer. It was only a matter of time before someone released a cookbook parody--every year our bookshelves groan from the weight of these mighty tomes as TV shows like MasterChef whet our appetites for home cooking. So we are incredibly fortunate that Audrey Gordon's Tuscan Summer was written by the talented team behind the `Jetlag' series (Molvanîa, Phaic Tan and San Sombrèro). Join Audrey Gordon, voted three times Britain's sternest chef, as she travels to the heart of Italy and shares the recipes, produce and memories of her Tuscan summer. Visit traditional farmhouses, local trattorias and sample the stunning range of local produce on offer as Audrey shares the sights, sounds and occasionally, smells, of regional Italy. Then sample these delights at home with the range of delicious and easy to make recipes that Audrey, inspired by Italian traditions, has created for the home cook. This book is not directed at celebrity super chefs or haute cuisine high flyers dazzling diners in their Michelin starred restaurants. It's written for you, the ordinary cook, stuck at home with insufficient bench space and a set of chipped mixing bowls. My fervent hope is that it will inspire you, give you the confidence to believe that you can be a wonderful cook or, at very least, an adequate one. This book is meant as a guide, not a set of strict instructions you may only deviate from at your peril! There's no need to slavishly follow my every measurement and step. Does a violinist playing Beethoven not occasionally add a few notes? Or an aircraft pilot about to take off sometimes skip a pre-flight safety check or two?. Card Cover. Excellent/None issued. 25 Cm.


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By Alexander Stephanie

Viking, Penguin, Australia, 1999. "This is a book about food in Australia - a completely fresh approach to the culture, the landscape, the people and the produce." Based on the ABC televison series of the same name. Describes culinary experiences in 7 regions of Australia - south west WA, Kangaroo Island, Victoria's Western District, Melbourne, north east Tasmania, Sydney and Noosa and its hinterland. Lavishly illustrated. Provides recipes. Includes suggestions for further reading and an index. The author is a well-known chef who established an award-winning restaurant. She was awarded the Order of Australia in 1994 for services to the hospitality industry. Her other publications include 'The Cook's Companion'. 248 pp & about 1.6kgs packed for post, corner bumped upper right front.. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good/Good. Illus. by Photography By Simon Griffiths. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


Da Silvano Cookbook Simple Secrets from New York's Favorite Italian Restaurant

By Marchetto, Silvano

Bloomsbury, 2001. 204 crisp pp with lovely illustrations throughout, about 1.3 kg to post. Here's the short blurb >>> Da Silvano was one of the first restaurants to bring true Italian cooking to New York, serving elegant simple food. This cookbook presents uncomplicated dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients along with a down to earth attitude and some great stories from the author. longer blurb >>> From legendary restaurateur Silvano Marchetto-owner and chef of the twenty-six-year-old institution that was one of the first restaurants to bring true Italian cooking to New York. While a lot of high-powered restaurants serve impressive, complicated food that results in beautiful, but not very practical, cookbooks, Da Silvano's food is known for its elegant simplicity. Infused with owner and chef Silvano Marchetto's engaging personality, Da Silvano Cookbook sparkles with the pleasure that comes from making and eating fresh and delicious food. From the wonderfully simple Garlic Soup to the rich and always satisfying Osso Buco alla Milanese, the 120 recipes make this an indispensable guide to the best Italian cuisine. Silvano has been feeding and charming celebrities and locals alike at his Manhattan restaurant for twenty-five years, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Yoko Ono, Jack Nicholson to Patti Smith. Whether it's a memory of sage leaves from his childhood in Florence or a mention of Warren Beatty's fondness for truffles, Silvano slips an anecdote into every recipe, the garnish on clear, easy-to-follow directions that combine to make this cookbook as useable as it is delightful. . Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent/very Good. 26.5cm.


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