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January-March 1980 Issue

By The Gay Christian

Chicago: Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, 1980. Journal. Very Good. Stapled Softcover. 8vo - 11 in tall.. Corner creasing and thumbed, clean, no markings. Scarce copy. The publication, now defunct, styled itself as "a journal of theological reflection from Metropolitan Community Church." Cover story: "A Review of the Churches' Plunge Toward the Past -- a news roundup of recent various anti-gay positions adopted by denominations, including Presbyterian, Episcopalians, Anglicans, Disciples of Christ, Methodists, Mormons and Pope John Paul's visit to the U.S. Other articles: A report on the Second Lesbian and Gay Seminarian Conference at Harvard; "Getting Whole" by Steve Carson; an article by John and Carol Alice Fry on theological conflicts within UFMCC, and the split between the In Unity newsletter and the more radical (and feminist) The Gay Chiristian. This publication is an important historical artifact for students of the evolution gay acceptance in US Chriistian theology. .


December 2017 Issue -- Thomas Nast Santa Cartoon Cover

By the Chatham Press

Chatham, New York: The Chatham Press, 2017. Newspaper. Near Fine. Stapled Softcover. 1st Edition. Light wear, no creases. A monthly broadsheet with b&w photos and articles mostly about nostalgia of the Chatham, N.Y. area and nearby towns. Features in this issue include a report on efforts to secure national landmark status for the hamlets of Spencertown and Austerlitz, with 5l photos of historical buildings; a feature on the Ghent Bicentennial, and the WW 2 letter-writing project of Kitty Strever to lift the morale of soldiers. Cover shows famous Thomas Nast cartoon of Santa Claus..


Oct. 16, 2017 -- Taking a Knee cover

By The Nation

NY: The Nation, 2017. Magazine. Illus. by Drooka, Eric. Good. Stapled Scftcover. Lower corners curled. Address label in lower left of cover. Cover illustration shows a black football player with upraised arm and bended knee, a reference to activist NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Articles include pieces on venture capital's impact on newspapers; a citizen rescue of the NY Public Library; gerrymandering in North Carolina; art work of Giacometti and Alice Neel..


Lot of 23 Donald Trump covers

By New Yorker

New York: Advance Magazine Publishers Book. Very Good. Stapled Softcover. 4to -- 10.75 in. Tall. A packet of 23 back issues of the New Yorker, all with covers showing Donald Trump, mostly mocking him. Some are thumbed but lightly read. Address labels on lower corners. Most are the work of illustrator Barry Blitt, except as noted below in the list. July 27, 2015, Trump does bellly flop dive; Feb. 1, 2016 -- Five iconic presidents watch a Trump telecast; May 23, 2016 -- Magician Trump saws a GOP elephant in half; Aug. 22, 2016 - Trump with rain-soaked hair; Oct. 10, 2016 - Trump as Miss Congeniality beauty contestant; Oct. 31, 2016 - Trump taking oath of office with Putin holding the Bible; April 10, 2017 - Trump golfs outside the White House; May 22, 2017 - Trump watches as Sessions drags a man off a plane; June 19, 2017 - Trump's tie getting caught in giant gears July 24, 2017 - Trump disembarking from a plane, dragging a son by the ear ; Aug. 28, 2017 - Trump's hot air propels a KKK sheet serving as a sail (artist David Plunkert); Oct. 30, 2017 - Trump as Halloween clown; Dec. 18, 2017 - Trump as Scrooge; March 26, 2018 - Naked Trump conducts press conference; May 21, 2018 - Trump playing golf in a swamp (artist John Cuneo); July 20, 2018 - Trump falling flat on his face with thumbs up; Sept. 3, 2018 - Bloodhounds chasing Trump; Nov.5, 2018 - Trick or treaters run from Trump (artist Mark Ulricksen); Dec. 24, 2018 - Mueller as Sherlock Holmes smokes a Trump pipe; Jan. 28, 2019, Trump builds a brick wall around his Oval Office desk Z(artist John Cuneo); March 4, 2019 - Trump holds "Finish the Wall" sign amid flooding; June 3, 2019 - Mitchell, Barr, Graham shining Trump's shoes; .


"I Like Ike" Eisenhower political button

Ephemera. Very Good. No Binding. 1.5 in. diameter, red and blue presidential campaign button for Dwight D. Eisenhower; white background. Pin back, some scratching on rear side. Face portrait of smiling Eisenhower, with "I Like Ike" in white letters on red underneath the portrait, and the words "Peace - Progress-Prosperity" in navy blue on white, arching over the portrait. Not a reproduction..


"Barry Gioldwater Our Next President" Campaign Button

Ephemera. Very Good. No Binding. Original button from the 1964 presidential campaign. 1.6 in diameter. Head and shoulders three-quarters profile photo of a smiling Goldwater (without glasses) in center of pin. Upper rim band shows "Barry Goldwater" in white letters against a red background; lower rim reads "Our next President" in white letters against navy blue background. Two Republic eagle logos at the 3 o-clock and 9 o'clock positions. Back of pin has a bit of corrosion..


Miichael Dukakis campaign button -- I'm With The Duke

Ephemera. Very Good. No Binding. 2.3 in. diameter pin back. Abstract U.S. flag stripes and stars in background. Slogan in navy blue letters: I'm with the Duke. Light corrosion on rear. Sticker on back for G & G Design, New Bedford, Ma., button supplier. Button used by Dukakis in one of his campaigns for Massachusetts governor in the 1970s and 80s. Dukakis, a liberal Democrat, was the longest-serving governor of Massachusetts before running unsuccessfully for President..


"The E-Infectors" -- Feb. 8, 2004 Issue

By New York Times Magazine

NY: NY Times, 2004. Ephemera. Very Good. Newspaper Supplement. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. 90 pp. Light wear and rippling, but still sturdy. Cover story by Clive Thompson deals with young hackers threatening the Internet. Cover shows German hacker known as PhiletOast3r. Other articles dea with efforts by U.S. airlines to protect themselves against shoulder-launched missiles; a photo profile of Cheshire, Ohio, a small town that American Electric Power bought for $20 million to solve an air pollution problem; the rise of Virignia Beach as a new Motown; the black music group Right Now. ..


July 2003 -- The Machines of Terminator 3

By Popular Mechanics

NY: NY: Hearst, 2003, 2003. Book. Good +. Magazine. Volume 180, No 7. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. Magazine. Good +. Volume 180, No 7. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" Tall. 136 pp. Clean, corners thumbed, corner crease, binding OK. No markings. Cover story by Jim Wilson explores the special effects used in the movie "Terminator 3." Cover shows actor Arnold in T-3 uniform, sunglasses and stern expression. Other articles concern fitness shoes, boat engines, high-definition camcorders, a cross country road test of a Honda Civic hybrid, and a lab test of pressure washers..


Special New York Issue, Giorgio Armani Cover, April 2002 Issue

By Architectural Digest

NY: Conde Nast, 2002. Magazine. Very Good. Magazine. 282 pp. Nearly new, spine uncreased. A linear iink smudge near spine on front cover, likely a printing error. A package of articles about several luxury homes in New York City, including the minimalist Central Park West penthouse of fashion designer Giorgio Armani, actor Leonard Nimoy's Central Park home; and author John Berendt's light-infused home on the Upper West Side; modernist furniture in Chelsea; a 3-floor wall-window penthouse with a bathroom as its focal point in Manhattan; island architecture spotted on Fifth Avenue, a French-inspired apartment on Central Park and a books-and-art enclave near the UN. Size: 4to -- 11 in Tall.


AP World -- Vietnam: The Real War Issue

By Associated Press

New York: Associated Press, 2013. Magazine. Very Good +. Magazine. 28 pp. Lightly read AP house organ with feature promoting AP's new book "Vietnam: the Real War." Cover shows b&w photo of a GI in Vietnam sniffing a letter from a girlfriend back in Oklahoma. Article by Mike Silverman includes more information and photos from the Vietnam book. Other articles deal with the Naibobi AP bureau; photo transmission methods over the decades; a look back at WW II coverage by Max Desfor and George Bria. Size: 4to -- 11 in Tall.


December 1998 Issue -- Frank Sinatra Cover

By Architectural Digest

NY: Conde Nast, 1998. Book. Very Good +. Magazine. 256 pp. on glossy stock. Light wear, thumbed, a few corner creases. Cover story by David McClintick shows interior of Sinatra's Palm Springs compound. 10-page color spread. Other features include a look at Moere-Numa Park, designed by Isamu Noguchi; Author David Guterson's nostalgia for his boyhood in Seattle; feature on Warsaw palace restorations; a tour of the polo plantation owned by developer Neil Hirsch in Wellington, Fl. ; guide to antique hunting in Westchester County and adjacent Connecticut. Size: 4to -- 11 in Tall.


August 2006 -- Exotic Special Issue

By Architectural Digest

NY: Conde Nast, 2006. Book. Good +. Magazine. 177 pp. plus advertising matter. Moderate wear, thumbed, light rippling of pages. Features show homes in a Moscow duplex, Athens apartment, plantation house in Mustique, a Lithuanian home pluse 3 hotels (Hacienda Puerta in Campeche, Mexico; Hotel de la Paix in Cambodia; Benguerra Lodge in Mozambique). Plus a review of the Aquarius Alfa yacht. Size: 4to -- 11 in Tall.


Liza Minelli Cover -- November 2010 Issue

By The Advocate

Los Angeles: Here Media, 2010. Ephemera. Very Good. Magazine. November 2010.. 56 pp. Corner crease on front cover. Light wear. Cover story features Liza discussing her gay friends and her album, "Confessions." Other features include a look at Republican gay activists (Ken Mehlman, Ted Olson, et al) and an interview with author Michael Cunningham about his new nove "By Nightfall." Size: 8vo --10.75 in.


January 2017 Issue

By The Chatham Press

Chatham, N.Y.: Chatham Press Inc., 2017. Book. Near Fine. Stapled Softcover. 32 pp. Lightly read, close to new. Monthly newspaper for the Chatham, N. Y. area, focusing on history, nostalgia and personality profiles. Features include lore about the haunted Engine 696 of the NY Central RR; Ghent woodcarver John Dunham; restoration and opening of the New Concord B&B; profile of Chatham High's African-American football player Noah Summers; memories of Payne Avenue; preservation efforts in New Lebanon; the 1890 electrication of Chatham; business promotion piece for Chatham in 1906; profile of Old Chatham novelist Bill Herrick; remembrance of athlete & outdoorsman Tim Whiffen, Chatham High Class of 1963. Size: Elephant Folio -- 17 in Tall By 11 in Wide.


November 2006 Issue -- Giorgio Armani Cover

By Architectural Digest

NY: Advance Publishers, 2006. Magazine. Very Good +. Magazine. Vol. 63, No. 11.. 264 pp. on glossy stock. Nearly new, very clean. Cover story profiles Armani's beach house in Antigua. Other features: Hawaii's Nanea Golf Club; Hendrix Allardyce; Mark Di Cecco's makeover of a Carmel, Calif., house; James Polshek's pool house designed for Edgar Bronfman Sr. Size: 4to -- 11 in Tall.


October 2006 Issue -- 20 Houses from the World's Top Architects

By Architectural Digest

NY: Conde Nast, 2006. Ephemera. Good. Magazine. 326 pp. Some page corners curled, otherwise very good. Pictorial survey of 20 homes by leading architects. Cover shows stargazing tower at Casa Triton, designed by Marco Aldaco in Costa Careyes, Mexico. Other architects and venues include: PeterBohlin, Park City; Diego Villasenor, Puerto Vallarta;Stephen Bucchieri, Santa Fe; William T. Georgis, NY's Park Avenue; Jim McLaughlin, Ketchum; Hugh Newell Jacobsen, Bethesda; Beth Klomparens, Manhattan. Size: 4to -- 11 in Tall.


"The Hollywood Issue" -- Darren Criss Cover -- March 2011

By Out Magazine

NY: Here Media, 2011. Magazine. Fair. Magazine. 118 pp. on glossy stock. Rippled from exposure to dampness. Lightly read. Binding firm. A package of articles on Hollywood productions with gay and lesbian relevance. List of 50 all time best GLBT-related movies. Feature on Darren Criss, with 3 full page color photos and cover. Spring fashion spreads. Directors Cut article contains mini-interview snippets with Sebastian Silva, Dustin Lance Black, Eric Mendelsohn. Paul Jasmin photo spread showing young teens recapturing sullen moods of the 50s. Size: 4to -- 1 in Tall.


Set of 4 Saint Prayer Cards

Ephemera. Very Good. Card Stock. Four prayer cards in glossy color, honoring St. Andrew, St. Christopher bearing the Christ child, St. Theresa with cross and rose bouquet and St. Michael the Archangel in battle, stepping on the head of Satan. Prayers on the reverse side of each card.Theresa card bent on bottom corner; others are flat. All distributed by the Autom religious products company. Size: 2.5 In Wide By 4 in High.


Jan. 3, 1949 Issue -- FDR Myths

By New Republic

NY: Editorial Publications, 1949. Magazine. Good. Stapled Softcover. 30 pp. Cover pages detached from rest of magazine. Text moderately toned. ThumbedLead cover article by William Harland Hale examines myths emerging about Franklin Roosevelt. A Joseph Lash article looks at a controversy about Soviet Communists questioning scientific theories of heredity. Another article is entitled "Imperialist Folly in Indonesia." Also a piece about Washington's chief lobbies. Size: 4to -- 11 in Tall.


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