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An interview with vanessa sweatte

Biblio checks in with vanessa sweatte to learn more about their book business, collecting interests and more! To view and shop their inventory, click here.

When did you get started in bookselling?

I have been selling books off and on for over 15 years. I have always loved books. I love having an excuse to constantly shop for books for a job.

What drew you to bookselling?

Most of my childhood was spent being read to or reading. Books has always been a love of mine. I love the idea of giving other book lovers, like myself a good deal on a great book. I always appreciate all the book sellers I purchase from and would like to pay it forward and share the books I have.

Did you have any mentors in becoming a bookseller?

I have a lot of book stores I enjoy. I try and take the best qualities from several businesses and try and employ them when I do business. Being fair, honest and reliable is very important. I like every customer to be happy and want to return. Last but not least, I like to have a product people are happy to receive. I always want customers to have a smile on their face when they open a package from me.

What are your specialties as a dealer?

I like having a wide variety of books, so I can cater to lots of different people with different interests and hobbies. I think books is one of the ways you can bring a bunch of people, very different from each other but coming together because all of us enjoy books.

What's the most amazing book you've ever sold?

It would be hard to pick just one. I have had many signed books by authors I admire and respect. I have sold very old books and collectible books worth more than I ever imagined it would be worth. If I had to pick one, I guess it would be the signed books. The idea that such an amazing author had the book in their possession, which was also in mine, is a powerful feeling I find inspiring.

What is your favorite part of being a bookseller?

I like having a good excuse to continue to go shopping for books as my job. My boyfriend is always telling me to stop expanding my personal collection, as it is taking up more room than he would like. The fact that it is my job, keeps my inventory going, as well as new editions to my personal collection.

Do you have an open storefront or have you in the past?


If so, do/did you have any bookstore pets?

I didn't have a storefront, but if I did, my dog most certainly would have been there with me.

What is the funniest / strangest / scariest thing that ever happened in your store?


What is your favorite bookshop (other than your own)?

I like thrift stores. That is where I seem to find the best books.

What do you personally like to read? Collect?

Like the books I sell, a very wide variety. However, it is all some type of non fiction. I like to learn more than hear stories at this point in my life.

What's your favorite book you personally own? Would you sell it, if the price were right?

I have a couple favorites that I would never sell.

What one book would you buy if price were no object?

I don't have a specific one in mind.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring three books, what would they be?

Couldn't narrow down that small. Now you are sounding like my boyfriend, trying to limit my collection. Lol.