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Diary of a Fox-Hunting Man
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Diary of a Fox-Hunting Man

By Carroll, Terence

HAMISH HAMILTON, 1984. Previous owners inscriptions: Yes, by author. Book Condition: Good. Small stain to both end papers at bottom. Jacket condition: Good. Published: 1984. 1st Edition: Yes. Pages: 209. Description: Well illustrated with black and white photographs. Diary of a Fox-Hunting Man is a full, entertaining and at points penetratingly disturbing account of the sport in the 1980's. It tells how costly, exclusive, exciting and dangerous hunting is; how foxhounds are bred and trained and exactly how foxes are killed. It reveals the delicate intricacies of hunting etiquette, such as always saying 'good-night' when breaking away from a hunt, even in bright daylight. It clarifies the nuances of clothing rules, explaining what kind of hat may be worn with which color coat and why; how a stock should be tied; when hats should be doffed; what 'ratcatcher' garb is and 'butcher' boots are. Hunting vocabulary is interpreted; why hounds are said to 'riot', what 'cur-dogs' are, what 'blooding' is, why the fox is called 'Charlie' - and how long it would last if hunting were abolished. . Signed by Author. Collected Edition. Hard Cover. Good/Good.


Jiu-Jitsu Unleashed : A Comprehensive Guide to the World's Hottest Martial Arts Discipline
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Jiu-Jitsu Unleashed : A Comprehensive Guide to the World's Hottest Martial Arts Discipline

By Bravo, Eddie

McGraw-Hill, 2006. Previous owners inscriptions: No. Book Condition: Good+ Jacket condition: No jacket Published: 2006. Pages: 189. First Edition: Yes. Description: A Comprehensive Guide to the World's Hottest Martial Arts Discipline, Eddie Bravo, With martial arts champions such as Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz appearing on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, giving training tips in "Muscle & Fitness" and "Men's Journal", and conducting interviews on Howard Stern's radio show, millions of people are turning to the martial arts for sport, a means of self-defense, and a form of exercise. Many of these newcomers to the martial arts never stepped foot into a martial arts training facility, and have no plans of ever doing so. They want to learn to defend themselves without traveling to a gym or paying steep monthly dues. Some purchase martial arts guidebooks so they can prepare themselves both mentally and physically to enter a dojo a year or two down the road. "Martial Arts Unleashed: Jiu-jitsu" offers readers: a detailed history and evolution of the discipline; a description of the various theories and strategies behind training and competing; a breakdown of the gear and training space needed to get started; a description of warm-up routines, footwork, and stances; detailed instruction accompanied by step-by-step photographs that divulge everything from the basic kicks, punches, and blocks to the most advanced techniques; instruction on how to combine various techniques into sophisticated combinations; sample workouts for all levels of training; weight lifting programs to improve strength; cardiovascular workouts to improve stamina; sample diets to improve overall health; and, resources that show readers where to ply their trade and learn even more. For those desiring to learn the martial arts for self-defense rather than sport, the book features a section on those techniques best suited for practical application. For the more advanced students, this book describes how to blend this particular discipline with other styles, utilize certain techniques to defeat practitioners of other disciplines, and prepare for a variety of competitions. . First Edition. Soft Cover. Good/No Jacket.




DAVID & CHARLES, 1992. "Book Condition: Very Good. Jacket condition: Good Published : 1992 1st Edition: No. Pages: 256. This book is a revised edition of the original which was first published in 1984. It is filled with many maps and illustrations. The book is both an invaluable reference for the sporting shooter and conservationist and a joy to own for the beauty of its paintings by Roger McPhail. Species by species discussion of the British and Irish shooting man's quarry species and a useful look at legislation governing who can shoot what and when in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. " . Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Illus. by Roger McPhail. .



By Herbert Preston

Sporting Handbooks Ltd, 1944. Previous owners inscriptions: Yes, see photograph.. Book Condition: Good. Jacket condition: No jacket. Published: 1944. 1st Edition: 81st. Pages: 343. Description: Original brown cloth wrapper, cover and spine slightly marked, minor tear at bottom of spine, internally clean and sound.. Soft Cover. Good/No Jacket.




STAPLES PRESS, 1964. PREVIOUS OWNERS INSCRIPTION: YES SIGNED DEDICATION BY AUTHOR (BILL TUCKER) BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Book Condition: Very Good. Jacket condition: Very good. Published: 1964. 1st Edition: Yes. Pages: 628. Description: The physiology, prevention and treatment of injuries associated with sport." . Signed by Author. First Edition. Hard Cover. Good/Good.



By Gordon Grand

Country Life Limited, 1934. Ex-library: No. Previous owners inscriptions: No. Book Condition: Good. Some spotting to front piece and last illustration. Jacket condition: No jacket. Published: 1934. 1st Edition: Yes. Pages: 211. Description: With an appreciation by E Somerville and drawings by K Barker. Chapters include: Cub hunting en famile and The Rector of St Timothy's.. First Edition. Cloth. Good/No Jacket.



By Ric Sissons and Brian Stoddart

George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1984. Previous owners inscriptions: No. Book Condition: Good+. Jacket condition: Good. Old sticky label mark to rear cover. Published: 1984. 1st Edition: Yes. Pages: 150. Description: Bodyline was a watershed in the history of cricket. Intimidatory fast bowling arrived to stay. Politics were publicly seen as part of sport. The imperial game was never to be the same again."". . " . First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good.


Pimms Book of Polo

By Lloyd, J.

Stanley Paul & Co Ltd, 1989. Ex-library: No. Previous owners inscriptions: No. Book Condition: Good. A few pages have stuck together at the very top, easily split. Jacket condition: Good. Published: 1989. 1st Edition: Yes. Pages: 240. Description: The book takes you inside the sport of Polo with a stunning collection of action pictures by the world's finest polo photographers coupled with an intimately knowledgeable text by a leading polo journalist. Editorial advisor: Major Ronald Ferguson, Britain's chief umpire. . First Edition. Hard Cover. Good/Good.



By Joseph Pike

A & C Black Ltd Previous owners inscriptions: Yes. Book Condition: Good. Crease to front cover. Jacket condition: No jacket. Published: 1930. Pages: 36. First Edition: Yes. Description: Twenty four pencil sketches. All of the sketches are single-sided.. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.



By Audrey Howell

Stanley Paul, 1991. "Ex-library: No. Previous owners inscriptions: No. Book Condition: Good+. Slight browning to page edges. Jacket condition: Good+. Published: 1991. 1st Edition: Yes. Pages: 184. Description: The Revealing Story of a Champion Golfer. Uncommon title." . First Edition. Hard Cover. Good/Good.