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Kamikaze : The Divine Wind: A Collection of Extracts from Authors with Personal Experiences As Prisoners of War and the Memories of the Men of the British Pacific Fleet, Who Helped to Bring Them Home

By Eadon, Stuart

A Square One Publication, 1991. Previous owners inscriptions: Yes, by author. Book Condition: Good+. Jacket condition: Good. Fading mainly to spine. Published: 1991. 1st Edition: Yes. Pages: 830. Description: Recording the experiences of the British Pacific Fleet and British POWs of the Japanese – over 220 men representing 60 ships tell their own story. The book is divided into three parts. (1) ‘The Japanese’ examines the menacing rise of Japan as a naval and military power, the rise and fall of the Japanese Empire, the nightmare at Java, and the bravery of the Kamikazes. (2) ‘The British Pacific Fleet’ explains the situation it found itself in after victory in Europe, fighting alongside the Americans : its three main operations – Sumatra, Okinawa and Japan – and its Fleet Train. (3) ‘Ashes to Ashes’ examines the aftermath of VJ Day, etc. The book is mainly written by the men of the British Pacific Fleet to whom the work is dedicated – especially to those who did not come home. Additional postage outside UK.. Signed by Author. First Edition. Hard Cover. Good/Good.



The R S Surtees Society, 1984. Previous owners inscriptions: No. Book Condition: Good+, a few marks to covers. Jacket condition: No jacket. Published: 1984 and 85. 1st Edition: Yes in this edition. Pages: 343 and 351. Description: Brown cloth covers, with heraldic device on front cover. Captain Rees Howell Gronow (1794-1865) enjoyed a successful military career--being present at Waterloo--spent a brief sojourn in debtor's prison, pursued politics fruitlessly, and enjoyed great success as a dandy, glabler, and socialite in London and Paris. Volume I: Being "Anecdotes of the Camp, the Court and the Clubs at the close of the last war with France" and "Recollections and Anecdotes." This volume includes 17 color plates. Volume II: Being "Celebrities of London and Paris" and "Last Recollections." This volume includes 13 color plates. In this final volume we again meet many old friends, Byron and Brummel, the Duke, the outrageous Dan Mackinnon, the habitués of Almacks and the Army of the Peninsula. There are amusing descriptions of life in Paris, French manners and French cooking, and he gives a first-hand account of the coup d'etat of 1851. He returns often to his favorite themes of the Napoleonic Wars and Regency London, and there is a full supporting cast, drawn both from the beau monde and the demi-monde, of emperors, actresses, dandies, lunatics, etc., including some "shocking bad hats". Additional postage outside UK.. First Thus. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.


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By Jerry Fugere and Bob Shane

Airlife Publishing Ltd, 2001. Previous owners inscriptions: No Book Condition: Very Good. Jacket condition: Very Good. Published: 2001. 1st Edition: Yes. Pages: 159. Description: The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center Tucson, Arizona in full colour. " . First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Poor.


World Air Power Journal

By David Donald

Aerospace, 1995. Previous owners inscriptions: No. Book Condition: Good+. Jacket condition: Good. Published: 1995. 1st Edition: . Pages: 160. Description: The text is illustrated with numerous colour photographs, the occasional black-and-white photograph and line drawings. Colour photographic front cover, with blue background and white titles to the front panel and white and gilt titles to the backstrip. Rubbing and creasing to the book corners. An overview of military aircraft throughout the world. Part of the World Air Power Journal series.. Hard Cover. Good/Good.



By Michael Ingram

Moods of Mann Limited., 2000. Previous owners inscriptions: Yes. Book Condition: Good+. Jacket condition: Good. Published: 2000. 1st Edition: Yes. Pages: 144. Description: One of the publisher's superb photographic essays, produced mainly for use as Corporate Presentations. This is a magnificent view of the atmosphere that surrounds aviation in general and the Royal International Air Tattoo in particular, with photographs by Rick Tomlinson, Roger Thompson, Neil Robertson and many, many others covering military and civilian aircraft, the pilots and the spectators. Additional postage will apply outside UK. . First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good.