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The Diseases of Women by Trotula of Salerno

By [MEDIEVAL MEDICINE]. Mason-Hohl Elizabeth

[Los Angeles]: Ward Ritchie Press, 1940. . large 8vo, full light brown cloth, spine faded titled in gold. The subject of this work was an Italian woman physician teaching at the University of Salerno in the 11th century, when women were able to study and work at this most progressive center of learning. Trotula's work was used for several centuries. She trained her students to observe their patients and examine them thoroughly in order to prescribe proper treatment. She taught her students to listen to their patients and ask them questions about their ailments. Trotula recommended that her patients take herbal remedies, soak in warm baths and rest to aid the healing process. Trotula also believed that people should eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and live a low stress lifestyle; she also advocated cleanliness. By the mid 1500's, women were no longer allowed to study at universities. Many early historians debated whether Trotula was a woman or if she had even existed. Without concrete biographical evidence, her manuscripts were attributed to a man. Internal research into her manuscripts led modern scholars to conclude that she had existed. Trotula was a pioneer in women's gynecology and obstetrics. She offered much advice on childbirth. She gave instructions on normal delivery, breech birth, and stillbirth. Also she advisedhow to repair tears a woman might experience during childbirth.


Roots and Remedies: Afro-American Folk Medicine in Rhode Island...Annotated by James Clements, Jr.

By BELL Michael Edward

Providence: Rhode Island Black Heritage Societ [et al], 1981. . 4to, stiff cream wrappers, front pictorial; rubber date-stamp on front cover; center stapled OCLC lists 4 holding libraries. Reports, first and second-hand of cures for blood pressure (garlic water) bleeding (kerosene, narrow plantains) facial scaring (pennies dipped in kerosene), There is a bibliography and a 5-page list of ailments and the various cures used. This publication was a joint project, the others involved were the St. Martin DePorres Center of Providence; the Rhode Island Folklife Project and Brown University's Long Term Gerontology Center


[Hypodermic Syringes and Tablets]

By [MEDICAL SUPPLIES]. Sharp & Dohme

Baltimore: The Company, 1900. . 8vo fold, one margin chipped, no text loss Offering "Soluble Hypodermic Tablets for Veterinary Use" and a great many soluble tablets


A Treatise on the Diseases of Females

By DEWEES William Potts

Philadelphia: Carey, Lea & Blanchard,, 1837. . 8vo, contemporary sheep, worn at extremities; morocco label on spine; pages age-darkened throughout. Washington Cathedral bookplate; Sixth Edition, Revised and Corrected. First was published in 1826


A Sea Change and Other Things

By [MEDICINE]. Keyes, Edward Loughborough (1873-1949)

New York: Privately Printed, 1938. . 8vo, marbled boards, black cloth spine ONE of 300 COPIES,printed under the direction of T. M. Cleland at the press of A. Colish in New York. Signed by the author. Keyes was a noted urologist, the son of the distinguished surgeon Edward Lawrence Keyes. The present volume is a collection of his works