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Historical Anthology of Music
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Historical Anthology of Music

By Archibald T. Davison and Willi Apel

This anthology is particularly valuable, as stated in the Preface, because "it is truly representative in scope" and it "puts before the reader a reproduction of the material free from those compromises which seem to be an inevitable feature of such compilations". This marvelous work contains Seven Chapters as well as an extensive commentary with notes on the sources and translations of the literary texts. The chapters include the following: "Oriental and Greek Music", "Early Medieval Music (400-1300)", "Late Medieval Music (1300-1400)", "Early Fifteenth Century", "Late Fifteenth Century", "Early Sixteenth Century", and "Late Sixteenth Century". There are 181 scores over 208 pages. There is no complete dust jacket but both the front and rear flaps in very good condition are included.