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The Red Hat Society: fun and friendship after fifty

By Cooper, Sue Ellen, founder and queen mother Red Hat Society

NY: Warner Books. VG PB. (2003). 1st ed 4th ptg. Believing that a woman's fiftieth birthday should be a time for celebration, not a milestone to be feared. Beautiful clean copy. .


Glancing Fires: an investigation into Women's creativity

By Saunders, Lesley, editor

London, England: Women's Press. VG PB. (1987). Ground-breaking work on the meaning and production of feminist artistic expression and places these explorations within a . wide political context which addresses the questions of sexuality, class and race. Blank price sticker on bottom of front cover. .


Woman's Proper Place: a history of changing ideals and practices 1870 to the present

By Rothman, Sheila M.

NY: Basic Books. G PB. (1978). 1st ptg.


American Beauties: women in art and literature

By Sullivan, Charles, edied by

NY: Abrams Pub/National Museum. VG in VG DJ. (1993). Smithsonian. A dazzling panorama of women from all walks of life as depicted by American artists and writers over past two centuries. .


The Sacred Hoop: recovering the feminine in American Indian traditions

By Allen, Paula Gunn

Boston: Beacon. VG lg sz PB ex-library. (1992). 3rd ptg. Allen is a Laguna Pueblo/Sioux Indian & one of the foremost Native American liteary critics. Library markings. . Documents the continuing vitality of American Indian traditions and critical role of women in those traditions. .


Guide Book for Senior High School Girl Reserves

By Y.W.C.A., Girl Reserve Department of the National Board

NY: Woman's Press. VG. (1928). Sl soiling, owner's name. Inside book is a 1929 pamphlet about the Girl Reserves & a Letter about Use of the Reserve Ring. .


Women's Voices from the Oregon Trail including updated guide to women's history along the Oregon Trail

By Butruille, Susan G.

Boise, ID: Tamarack Books. VG PB. (1994). 2nd ed 4th ptg. "...vivid picture of life on the trails." William Bullard, Adm. of National Frontier Trails Center, Independence, MO . Narrates lives and evokes the voices of the women who traveled the 2,000 miles trail to Oregon 150 years ago, artfully blending in women's diaries, songs, history, poetry, recipes, and quilts. The author takes us to the Midwestern farms where most of the women came from, then on their outlandish trek, and finally to the strange and beautiful land where a new home was supposed to be. The author then retraces the trail as it is today, showing where to find markers, signposts, landmarks, and historical sites that leave traces of women's presence from this book. .


Cries of the Spirit: 300 poems in celebration of women's spirituality

By Sewell, Marilyn, edited by

Boston: Beacon Press. VG lg sz PB. (1991). 4th ptg.


Ain't No Where We can Run: handbook for women on the nuclear mentality

By Koen, Susan, Nina Swaim and Friends

Warner, NH: Women Against Nuclear Dev.. VG PB. (1982). 3rd ptg. "An excellent analysis of the political and emotional costs of the US nuclear industry, as it has been shaped by male-defined . power." The Book Stacks, Burlington, VT Photo of Women's Pentagon Action, 1982, march. Listing of Organizations involved in opposing nuclear technology. Few marks on front cover. .


Galaxy Girls: Wonder Women stories

By Pierce, Anne Whitney, inscribed by author, selected by Carolyn Doty

Kansas City, MO: Helicon Nine Editions. VG PB. (1994). Winner of the Willa Cather Fiction Prize. Women who have lifted a portion of their life from the ordinary to the . extraordinary. Unsung geniuses who have used their imaginations and cultivated eccentricities to an art form. We can learn how to embellish our lives and and rise above the daily routine by exercising our creativity with the materials at hand because these are women who have done that. Slight edge wear. .


Women at War: a record of their patriotic contributions, heroism, toils and sacrifice during The Civil War

By Brocket, L. P., M.D. and Mrs. Mary C. Vaughan, introduction by HenryW. Bellows, D.D., President U.S. Sanitary Commission

Stamford, CT: Longmeadow. VG in VG DJ ex-library. 1993. Facsimile 1867. Commemorates acts of outstanding patriotism performed by women during the trials and crises of the Civil War. In their . contribution to the cause of American unity, these women rivaled the men in courage, devotion, and endurance. .


Women at Work: the transformation of work and community in Lowell, Massachusetts 1826-1860

By Dublin, Thomas

NY: Columbia University. G PB. (1979). 8th ptg. Dublin explores in carefully researched detail the lives and experiences of the first generation of American women to face . the demands of industrial capitalism. He describes and traces the strong community awareness of these women from Lowell and relates it to labor protest movements of the 1830s and 40s. He perceives the indissoluble relationship of consciousness and material reality, a model of social history. Owner name crossed out on front endpaper, back cover few stray markings. .


The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women

By Jones, Stephen, edited by, Ingrid Pitt, introduced by

Philadelphia: Running Press. G PB. (2001). Tales tales of the undead by mistresses of the macabre. .


Amazing Women of the Civil War: fascinating true stories of women who made a difference

By Garrison, Webb

Nashville: Thomas Nelson. VG lg sz PB. (1999). 10th ptg. It is estimated that 300 women fought on the battlefields of the Civil War, usually disguised as men. . They also mobilized soup kitchens and relief societies, cared for wounded soldiers, and were effective spies. .


Crones Don't Whine: concentrated wisdom for juicy women

By Bolen, Jean Shinoda, M.D.

Boston: Conari Press. VG in VG DJ. (2003). 7th ptg. To aspire to be a crone is to want the psychological and spiritual browth she symbolizes. The crone is an archetype . an inner potential that we grow into becoming. Bolen's early work like Goddesses in Everywman helped a generation of women realize their potential and their value. .


Between Women: biographers, novelists, critics, teachers and artists write about their work on women

By Ascher, Carol, Louise DeSalvo, and Sara Ruddick

Boston: Beacon Press. G lg sz PB. (1984). 1st PB ptg. Intimate moving stories of women writers, scholars, and artists and the women who have moved them and shared their work. . "A big read to be taken in chunks and dreamily digested." Grace Paley Edge wear, owner name sticker. .


Women Who Made Their Mark

By Alpha Psi State Delta Kappa Gamma Society Intl

Auburn, ME: Central Maine Vocational Ins. VG. (1981). Red binding, gilt lettering. Oval photos of women, their schools, and bio of each, including Margaret Chase Smith, . Helen Hunt, Lena G. Perkins, and Emugene Staples. Owner bookplate and name ft endpaper, title page tanned. .


American Women: their lives in their words

By Rappaport, Doreen

NY: Harper. VG lg sz PB. (1992). Women have always had to struggle for their rights in society - to vote, to own property, to enter the professions, and to . receive equal pay for equal work. Now we can hear the story of that struggle in their own words in letters, journals, speeches, and other writings, some famous, some unknown. Rappaport is the creator of award-winning educational programs focusing on women's history, Chiense history, and American literature, as well as the author of several acclaimed children's books. Owner note front endpaper. .


Psychology of Women, Sexual Violence, Wellesley College; Social Change Approach to Prevention of Sexual Violence toward Women;

By Rohrbaugh, J., Judith Herman M.D., Caroline H. Sparks, Ph.D. & Bat-AmiBar On., Ph.D., Schwartz, Felice N.

np: np. VG spiral bound PB. (1990). Management Women and the New Facts of Life. "Two facts matter to business: only women have babies and only men make rules." . Hand bound combination of various writings on the psychology of women from a Harvard University Colloquium Fall 1990. .


Engendered Lives: a new psychology of women's experience

By Kaschak, Ellyn, Ph.D.

NY: Basic Books. VG in VG DJ. (1992). 2nd ptg. Noted feminist psychologist Kaschak used extensive everyday life to present an integration of all experiences from physical . to sociocultural and shows how psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, dissociation, and overeating are an extension from learning to be a woman. .


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