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Traumatic Pasts - history, psychiatry and trauma in the modern age 1870-1930

By Micale, Mark S & Lerner, Paul (eds)

Cambridge University Press 1st 2001 . 8vo, black cloth cvred bds with gold titling to spine F+/F 590 gms.


Engineer Through the Looking Glass

By Laithwaite, Eric

BBC 1st 1980 . 4to VG++/VG++ 590 gms.


Strange Beauty - Murray Gell-Mann and the revolution in the twentieth century physics

By Johnson, George

Jonathan Cape 1st 2000 . 8vo M/F 855 gms.


Voodoo Science - the road from foolishness to fraud

By Park, Robert

Oxford University Press 1st 2000 . 8vo M/F 510 gms.


The Electrical Handling of Materials Volume 3 - Electric Cranes

By Broughton, H H

Benn Brothers 1922 . 4to, green bds with gold titling to fr bd + spine, ex lib, min wr to cnrs, sl damage to head of spine, spine sunnned o/w VG+ 1865 gms.


A Concise Encyclopedia of World Timbers

By Titmuss, F H

The Technical Press 1st 1948 . small 4to, green cloth cvred bds with gold titling to spine + blind stamped titling to fr bd, min wr + sl marking to bds o/w VG+ 325 gms.


Elementary Theory of Structures

By Grassie, James C

Longmans, Green & Co. 1st 1950 . 8vo, previous owner's name + address to fr pd, wr + short trs to d/w o/w VG++/VG+ 640 gms.


Guide to Dissection

By Rowett, H G Q

John Murray rep 1967 . 4to, min marking to bds, dmge to hd of spine + btm r h cnr of fr bd o/w VG+ 880 gms.


Manual of Mechanics

By Haughton, Rev Samuel

Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans + Roberts 5th edn 1860 . 8vo, green bds with faux 1/2 binding, wr to edges, small name to fep o/w VG+.


Admiralty Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy Vol 1 Magnetism and Electricity

By None

HMSO 1939 . large 4to, green cloth cvred bds with gold titling to spine and blind stamped titling to fr bd, sl wr, chps + small tr to d/w o/w VG++/VG+ 1155 gms.


Worlds Without End - the historic search for extraterrestrial life

By Hennessey, R A S

Tempus Publishing 1st 1999 . 4to, v min bmps to bds o/w VG++/VG++ 560 gms.


It's Fun Finding Out

By Wicksteed, Bernard Drawings by Osbert Lancaster

Daily Express 1947 . 8vo, red clth cvred bds with black titling to fr bd + spine, min bmps to bds, sl wr + abrasion to d/w o/w VG++/VG+ 285 gms.


Analysis of Concrete Structures by Fracture Mechanics - proceedings of the International RILEM Workshop

By Elfgren, L & Shah, S P

Chapman & Hall 1st 1991 . 8vo, glazed boards VG++ 550 gms.


Chats on Invention - being an attempt to train the faculties of invention

By Martin, John

Offices of "Invention" 1894 . 8vo, blue bds, dulled gold titling to spine, min bmps to bds o/w VG+ 305 gms.


Dairy Microbiology

By Foster, Edwin M, et al

Macmillan & Co. 1958 . 8vo, no d/w, sl bmps + wr to bds, esp to tail of spine o/w VG+ 945 gms.


How Did We Find Out About Germs?

By Asimov, Isaac

White Lion 1st UK 1976 . 8vo, v v sl wr + v sl sunning to d/w o/w VG++/VG+ 160 gms.


The Origin of Earthquakes

By Davison, C

Cambridge University Press 1912 . 16mo, ex Quarry Bank school library, min bmps + fading to bds, esp to sp o/w VG+ 190 gms.


Limestone Roads

By Valton, P A

Chapman & Hall 2nd edn 1947 . 8vo, no d/w, v min sunning to clth cvred bds o/w VG++ 295 gms.


The Invertebrate Panorama

By Smith, J E et al

Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1st 1971 . large 8vo, no d/w, v sl wr to edges of bds o/w VG++ 1050 gms.


The Prescriber - simple prescriptions for practically every ailment plus a treatise on how to practice homeopathy

By Clarke, John H

Health Science Press rep 1983 . small 8vo F/VG++ 380 gms.


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