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Folk Tales Religion/Myth/Belief From Cover to Cover


Under the Storyteller's Spell - folk tales from the Caribbean

By Charles, Faustin (ed)

Viking Kestrel 1st 1989 . 8vo, v v min wr to edges of d/w o/w F+/VG++ 380 gms.


Maori Legends

By Reed, A W Ills Roger Hart

A H & A W Reed rep 1978 . 4to, glazed titled bds in dec d/w, min indents to bds + d/w, min crsing + chps to d/w o/w VG++/VG 326 gms.


Scottish Folk Tales and Legends

By Wilson, Barbara Ker Ills Joan Kiddell-Monroe

OUP rep 1971 . inscr to 1/2 title, v min bmps + wr to bds, d/w price clipped, rems of tape to inside of d/w o/w VG+/VG++ 532 gms.


Scottish Tales from 'Blackwood'

By None

William Blackwood 1st 1970 . trs + wr to d/w VG/G++ 322 gms.