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Biography::Military Leaders From Books by Jan


Admiral Richard Wainwright and the U. S. Fleet

By Cummings, Capt. Damon E. USN Ret

Washington, D. C.: Government Printing Office, CR 1962 and title date is 1962 also. Insert paper addressed to Mr. Story signed by Ernest M. Eller about the need for this book in showing the foundation on which grew the far flung fleets so vital to America. Wainwright on frontis, 266 pages with index. Black and white photos of people and ships of the fleet. A biography of one of the outstanding officers of his time, and gives a graphic account of the depths to which the Navy sank in the years following the Civil War. Blue covers with Seal of USN on front cover blind stamped in gold and gold spine lettering. All very good condition.. First Edition. Hard Cover.


The Generals. Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee

By Anderson, Nancy Scott and Anderson, Dwight

New York: Al. Knopf, Title date 1988, CR 1987, published Feb. 1, 1988, this is the 3rd printing 4/88. 523 pages with biography of the two most celebrated generals in American history. Adversaries who were f\bound together by the war that divided them. Dust jacket and book are very good condition.. Hard Cover.


Kings of the Battle-Field

By Ramey, W. Sanford

Philadelphia, PA: Published by Aetna Publ., Philadelphia 1885, Title date 1885, entered in 1883 with 525 pages. Portraits with tissues, illustrated front cover and spine. Corners slightly bumped, shows wear but good+. Bio sketches of military leaders of Europe, USA, including Nap oleon, King Richard the Lion Hearted, Robert Bruce, Pizarro, Duke of Marlborough, King Charles (Man of Iron),Lafayette, Duke of Wellington, Garibaldi, Geo. Washington, Israel Putnam, Nath. Greene, And rew Jackson, Custer, U.S.Grant, R.E. Lee, and many others. Biography, military leaders, Europe, Americana, Western Americana, military.. Hard Cover.


Who's Who In Nazi Germany

By Wilstrich, Robert

Published by Bonanza, New York, CR 1982, first by Bonanza. 359 pages with glossary and bibliography. This is a biography on the careers of 350 individuals who were pominent or significant in the Third Reich. Dust jacket and book are very good.. Hard Cover.