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Biography / Business People From Books by Jan


The Incredible Pierpont Morgan - Financier and Art Collector
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The Incredible Pierpont Morgan - Financier and Art Collector

By Canfield, Cass

Printed in Italy.: Harper & Row Hard Cover. 176 pages with bibliography notes on the 17 color plates of Pierpont's art collection. Tears to dust jacket, covers very good. CR 1974, could be a first edition. His careeer spanned from A braham Lincoln to Theodore Roosevelt. He was a sociable, convivial man, enjoyed life and entertained lavishly. He frightened people by his overwhelming personality and his piercing eyes, which was com pared to the headlights of an oncoming train.. Hard Cover.


The Witch of Wall Street. Hetty Green

By Sparkes, Boyden and Moore, Samuel Taylor

New York: Garden City Publ. CR 1930, 338 pages with black and white photos. Hetty Green's father was Edward Mott Robinson and was very wealthy during the Civil War. Hetty started saving her money at age 8 and it never changed as she grew older. Conversations of stocks and bonds were her education - the business of adventure. She was once the richest woman in the world worth over 100 million. Black covers with red lettering and embellishment. All good+ condition.. First Edition. Hard Cover.


DuPont - The Autobiography of An American Enterprise

By DuPont, E.I., Black and White & Color Photos. Illustrated Endpapers By Frank E. Schoonover of the Mills on the Brandywine

New York: Charles Scribners Sons, 1952 Slight Darkening to Front Cove. Torn & Curling. First Edition. 138 pages. Black and white and color illustrations. Dust jacket is torn and curling. Front cover top slight darkening otherwise good. Sto ry of E.I. DuPont de Nemous and Company, published in commemoration of 150th Anniversary of the founding, July 19, 1802. Illustrated endpapers showing map of the Mills on the Brandywine by Frank E. Sc hoonover, Cartographer. History, Americana, Technical, Autobiography, American Enterprise, American business, DuPont Company, E.I. DuPont.. Hard Cover.


Forty Years of Hardware

By Norvell, Saunders

New York: Hardware Age CR 1924, illustrated by Serena Summerfield. Top page of title page torn out, 443 pages. Black and white portraits. Autobiography of a man who spent most of his life dealing in hardware (Keen Kutter Company and Simmons Hardware in Colorado). The thrill of making his first dollar, the discouragement when someone else is promoted, and the feeling of lonesomeness of place and power. Humorous and sad. Dark blue covers, all good+ condition.. Stated first Edition. Hard Cover.


Citizen Coors.  An American Dynasty
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Citizen Coors. An American Dynasty

By Baum, Dan

New York: William Morrow Dust jacket and book good+ condition. Front blank endpapers torn out, 367 pages with index. CR 2000, black and white photos in center of book.A chronicle of how Adolph Coors stowed away on a ship to America in 1868, his family and how he turned a brewery into a billion dollar beer company, through devotion to product, rejection of modern marketing and refusing to borrow as much as a nickel. The ups and downs, family dynamics, kidnapping, suicides, and murder.. Stated first Edition. Hard Cover.